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Pressure on student fees starting to work?

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granted Fri 26-Nov-10 21:33:37

Clegg now saying that Lib Dems may abstain after all...

I suspect that virtually all Lib Dem MPs know that if they don't do a great big u-turn on this, they've lost their seats come the next election, and will then be entirely unelectable for at least a generation, probably ever.

They know that most of their voters are either students or middle-class parents of students - neither lot very enamoured of them now.

Don't forget Lib Dems, if you're reading this - not too late to change, and I'd have more respect for someone who came to their senses at the 11th hour, than someone who obstinately stuck to a course that was very, very wrong just so as not to be seen to be changing their mind.

Or to put it another way - you said one thing before the election and another straight after it. Doubt anyone will take any more offence at you switching your mind AGAIN - we kind of expect you to say stuff without thinking first, now. wink

EducationForAll Wed 01-Dec-10 20:02:31

The government is trying to impose 80% cuts to university funding and a trebling of university fees to £9000 per year. They are also scrapping Educational Maintenance Allowance- the money given to some A level students so that they can afford to support themselves at college. Many of you will know about these measures already.

I am writing from University College London's occupation; students at UCL feel so strongly about these changes that we are occupying a room in our university to pressure our management into condemning the cuts. Our occupation has support from the NUS, Billy Bragg, Polly Toynbee, Chomsky and many others. As has been reported in the media thousands of students have taken to the streets in protest. The changes will not affect us directly as our fees are set at £3000 but we are campaigning for the next generation of children who are faced with excessive levels of debt and under-funded universities.

We know that it's a lot easier for students to protest than people with families but we would love to involve you in our campaign. If you, like us, feel these cuts are unfair and want to be heard, send a picture like this one'm-a-baby- not-a-cash-cow/
NB- please take out the space between 'baby-' and 'not' in the web address.
Feel free to use a different slogan.
Send the picture to

We also hope to stand with you on any further peaceful protests. Parents and Students- let's stand together!

Follow our campaign on

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