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Is anyone else listening to The Root of Evil?

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LarryGreysonsDoor Tue 19-Mar-19 22:39:43

It’s not an easy listen but so interesting.
It’s presented by two sisters who are talking about their family and what an odd bunch they were.
They think their great grandfather was a murderer and their mother was adopted out of the family.
Very shocking stuff.

LittleLebowski Thu 21-Mar-19 22:31:56

Funnily enough, I heard an ad for this on the "Live and Die in LA" podcast episode I've been listening to today - something to do with the Black Dahlia case? Good to know it's interesting, I'll give it a listen.

LarryGreysonsDoor Thu 21-Mar-19 23:38:08

Yes. The theory is that the great grandfather killed Black Dahlia but there is so much more to it than that.

tobee Wed 07-Aug-19 00:15:52

@LarryGreysonsDoor it's a hard listen but fascinating! The theme music (David Lynch) is great.

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