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Podcasts for my poorly Dad?

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SherlockHolmes Sat 12-Jan-19 19:37:35

He's ill at the moment and in need of a laugh.

Any suggestions for him? He likes things like Mrs Brown's Boys (I really don't) and slightly old fashioned comedy. Also interested in history of buildings, rural pursuits and boxing.

I'm really struggling to find anything so thought mn would have some answers.

Saraaaaah123 Tue 22-Jan-19 09:28:30


I can recommend for absolute silly...Bells in the Batfry by John Bell

Eos10 is funnnn! Hospital space drama...

Amelia Project is awesome and quirky....

Victoriocity is great fun....set in an alternate future where Queen Vic is more steampunk mechanics than human and London is Greater London and spreads across Britain....

We fix space junk has a hit hikers guide vibe

Wooden overcoats (sitcom style) its about two rival undertakers But is truly laugh out loud stuff....

And anything by John finnemore on the bbc...!

Hope he feels better....


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