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End of Days - BBC Waco podcast

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IsabelleSE19 Wed 05-Dec-18 20:14:48

I've just finished listening to End of Days, an eight-episode podcast made by BBC Five Live and I loved it so much that I want to recommend it to everyone! It's about the British people that were caught up in the Waco cult/siege and is really sad yet fascinating.

I listened to Serial a few years ago (series 1 only so far) and was totally gripped by it, now after being similarly obsessed with End of Days I am keen to find new podcasts with a similar sort of vibe - true stories gone into in great depth. I've been browsing this board and have decided to have a crack at S---Town, but feel free to recommend me any others! smile

MacarenaFerreiro Mon 07-Jan-19 19:41:45

I liked this one too. Fascinating, Really warmed to some of the people like the man who lost his wife and all his children, and Gail.

Other people like Livingstone Fagin were just..... no words.

Great work by the BBC.

LittleLebowski Wed 09-Jan-19 06:33:27

Yes, thanks for the tip - listened to the podcast then watched the BBC Storyville on Waco afterwards. I remember the siege and final storming of the compound, but had no idea so many British people were involved. The Storyville documentary was good as Livingstone Fagin and others, including the bible scholar who offered to speak to the Davidians during the siege we heard on the podcast were on it too; it was interesting to put faces to the voices. I was appalled that there are those, even survivors, who still view Koresh as a victim, deny the stockpiling and illegal modifying of weapons and the evidence of sexual misconduct. The element with the law suit at the end and how some on the right of US politics view Waco as the ultimate misuse of state power against the people was really interesting. I didn't know that Timothy McVeigh bombing the Oklahoma civic building was in retaliation for Waco.

Plipplops Wed 26-Jun-19 10:24:28

S-Town is brilliant. The Teacher’s Pet is ace too

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