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Pod Save America & Lovett or Leave It & Hysteria

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Mugglemom Thu 25-Oct-18 09:55:09

Anybody listen to Crooked Media's Pod Save America or Lovett or Leave It or Hysteria?

They're the only ones I listen to habitually. As an American abroad, it's nice to stay tuned into the mess that is American politics.

Bagadverts Sat 17-Nov-18 20:48:49

Bit late to this - I'm British and listen to Pod Save America. I can't cope with Brexit mess so escapism of that. Can't get on with the other, not sure why.

midsomermurderess Thu 22-Nov-18 19:09:06

I particulalry like Lovett or or Leave It. Jon L is very funny and smart. I quite like Pod Save America but it can feel like being trapped in an echo chamber, and they all laugh, laugh, laugh at their own jokes.

cariadlet Fri 08-Feb-19 21:52:54

Another good podcast for keeping up with US politics is "Can he do that?" by the Washington Post.

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