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Suggest to me some podcasts!

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LemonysSnicket Fri 21-Sep-18 09:46:33

I'm looking to find some more podcasts to listen to - I enjoy the TedX ones but struggle to find any others.
I'm 23 but have a wide range of interests- mostly books, cooking, history, sewing or crafts but some fashion and beauty too.

Any suggestions appreciated!

LittleLebowski Sat 22-Sep-18 15:02:32

Hi LemonysSnicket. I love history podcasts out of that list. Dan Snow does 'History Hit' on a whole range of topics with interviews. I really enjoy them. Everyone raves about Dan Carlin 'Hardcore History', but I didn't like it. He has a voice that sounds like the Carlsberg ad, it puts me off! I really enjoy Malcolm Gladwell's 'Revisionist History' but there more a range of modern topics rather than straight history. The BBC has a lot if you search by topic. They did "The Assassination" about the killing of Benazir Bhutto, which was excellent and I'm going to download 'The Ratline' because it was in The Times podcast section today.

HCHQ Tue 02-Oct-18 14:03:54

oooh love a good podcast; listen to them more than music nowadays ...

Fortunately - with Jane Garvey (of Woman's Hour) & Fi Glover (Radio 4/Journalist). This makes me laugh out loud ...

Radio 4 - Woman's Hour - no explanation needed really.

Radio 4 - Archers Omnibus - likewise! Good distraction when I'm cleaning the house!

Couples Therapy - with Candice and Casey. Easy listening once you get past the very American approach to it.

BBC World Service - Death in Ice Valley - the ongoing investigation of an unidentified body in Norway

And second Little Lebowski's recommendation of the Assassination of Benazir Bhutto.

cv01jw Tue 02-Oct-18 15:30:44

Although technically a 'design' podcast, I would recommend 99% Invisible as it covers a broad range of subjects and is by far my favourite podcast.

redexpat Thu 04-Oct-18 22:20:16

I've just discovered Seriously by the bbc. Documentaries on any and everything.

Theres a world book club from bbc. Also In our time which is history.

I had a thread earlier in the year - I think its called useful guadian suggestions - eith lots recommendations and suggestions of similar podcasts.

redexpat Thu 04-Oct-18 22:21:47

Oh and The adoption again from bbc was really bloody good!

And I second the ratline suggestion.

lazylittlelucy Mon 08-Oct-18 23:05:36

I listen to podcasts quite a lot and there are loads available now. V much depends on what you like. My favourites are:
Remainiacs, the New Statesman and the Guardian's Politics Weekly for politics/news/Brexit.

BBC world service The Documentary

Friday Night Comedy from BBC4

The ones I save up and look forward to the most are This American Life - a radio show about real peoples' life stories using a specific theme. They're brilliant podcasts.

And finally...Serial. This is a sister show to This American Life and is equally brilliant. Season 3 is just released but start off with Season 1 - it is GRIPPING!!!

Jenala Thu 08-Nov-18 11:30:12

The New York Times 'Caliphate' podcast - 11 really interesting episodes.

I love The Joe Rogan Experience too, such a range of guests and so many podcasts you can easily find something. I can particularly recommend his episode with Heather Heying and Bret Weinstein.

zombiedmummy Wed 28-Nov-18 09:33:15

In our house we listen to some podcasts as a family.

History Storytime is great. Stories from history told by a DD and DH. This is a must listen as it has songs and music too and is fun.

Brains On. It’s a science one for kids and families. American but good.

Guardian Children Book. Children’s authors answering questions from children.

MaiaRindell Tue 15-Jan-19 11:46:54

If you would like something lighter, The High Low is good as is Table Manners and Desert Island Dishes.
I also really like Criminal, S Town, True Crime all the Time, They walk Among Us, Dr Death and The Bowery Boys.

Saraaaaah123 Tue 22-Jan-19 09:22:08

Have you ever listened to any audiodrama? A lot of the shows you mention above are doc style. There are LOADS of brilliant storytelling shows from kids ones to a plethora of horror and Sci Fi, some comedy (not enough!) and d&d podcasts are really taking off....and I listen to A LOT!

Totally recommend these for audiodrama funnnnn
And....they’re freeeee!

Wooden Overcoats
Hector vs the future
E0s 10
Amelia Project
Alba Salix
Axe and Crown
Greater Boston
King falls am
1994 pod
Attention Hellmart Shoppers
Bats in the bellfry

Sci Fi
Bright Sessions
Wolf 359
The Orphans
Janus descending
Starship iris
Life after
Steal the stars
We fix space junk
Girl in space
Jarnsaxa rising
Uncanny county

No sleep
White vault
Station blue
The tunnels
We’re alive
A Scottish podcast (v sweary)

Kid friendly
Teddy Story (on MADIVA podcast feeed)
Rick Coste - Pixie, Behemoth, Waterguns and Rainbows, Charlie’s Mailbox
Six minutes
Anything on gen-z media
Mars Patel

Jack Tracer
What’s the frequency

the truth
Thrilling adventure hour
Earbud theatre

Hostile Worlds (kid friendly)


True Crime Audio drama pastiche
Who killed Julie

Other places to check out
Wireless theatre - wide range of AD
Big Fiinish - Dr Who and many cool fun shows

There are so many brilliant audio dramas out there....and you can even do them yourself! If you have the time and inclination...jump on The Audio Drama Production Podcast and there are loads of great eps there. MADIVA podcast talks about how to get set up and going as a voice actor....and there’s even a convention to go to next week - feb 2nd that has some live performances (Orphans, We fix space junk, no sleep and more) and some workshops.

Podcasting never had it so Good!

Am v happy to point you in the right direction if ya need it....I’m just keen for more people to find and share these awesome stories....

Sarah 🥳

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