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The Teacher's Pet news update

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tobee Wed 12-Sep-18 13:06:58

Just heard the case mentioned on World Service headlines. If you google news you can find info. I haven't linked in case of spoilers.

LipstickHandbagCoffee Wed 12-Sep-18 21:15:41

Yes it was discussed on radio news. Wasn’t actually aware of the podcast but am now because of the news discussion

tobee Thu 13-Sep-18 01:51:19

It's very good.

LittleLebowski Thu 13-Sep-18 06:37:37 looks like police are digging. I hope they find some evidence, as awful as that sounds, before it's too late for Chris to face justice. I also read before that they are looking at bringing cases of sexual misconduct against some of the northern Sydney schools where pupils were being groomed and abused. Good.

tobee Thu 20-Sep-18 16:49:20

From yesterday:

LittleLebowski Thu 20-Sep-18 20:43:04

Oh! They didn't find anything?! I'm disappointed. I thought with the cardigan there would have been something else. Too much time has gone by I guess. I really hope they do go ahead and prosecute regardless.

tobee Thu 20-Sep-18 22:31:56

I know. I feel upset about it. Goodness knows what it would be like for her friends and family.

PiperPublickOccurrences Thu 22-Nov-18 10:30:13

I loved this podcast although i did think some of the episodes were a bit too long. The behaviour of teachers with teenage girls was shocking - and it wasn't just the Dawson brothers.

She's definitely dead and has been for a very long time. Feel so sorry for her two girls.

AngelsSins Wed 28-Nov-18 15:30:19

I never thought her body would be there, I’m convinced she was buried at his brothers.

Suzyloo Fri 30-Nov-18 15:56:35

I'm listening to this one too, and it's well done although it seems to be about ten hours too long confused. But I've just noticed a new episode put up a day ago, according to my app, which is called "Digging". It must be an update on what happened recently.

I'm staggered by how little her family or friends seemed to care at the time, even though they all say now that they knew the husband was no good.

LittleLebowski Sun 02-Dec-18 17:31:55

Thanks suzyloo - my podcast app didn't update it, so I would have missed the new episodeconfused. The series was quite long - I listened to a few at double speed, which helps keep it moving!
I'm not surprised nothing was found, it's so sad. I wonder if he or his brother will just come out and admit it one day, for the sake of Lyn's daughters.
I agree, it's infuriating that the people around Lyn weren't more suspicious at the time. At least the neighbour (whose name I've forgotten) was more tenacious. The links between the brothers and the police was a big factor too I think. Also, the 80s in general being so backwards still in terms of domestic violence legislation, sexists attitudes etc. The approach to the girls at the high school was really sickening.
Having said that I've been listening to "Believed" - about the Larry Nassar sexual abuse of young gymnasts:
This was very recent and he managed to abuse girls whilst their parents were present, so today is still no better.

Suzyloo Mon 03-Dec-18 13:14:41

Double speed! Why didn't I think of that?!! Actually I didn't realise it was possible but I have just worked out how to do it. You've just given me three hours of extra time while I listen to the rest of it grin. I agree about the 80s - I look back now and I can't understand how attitudes were so different. I was 12 in 1980, and at my school the Deputy Head was a well-known dirty old man who liked to "help" with the girls' gym classes. We all knew this, but no-one ever did anything or said anything (or, if they did, no-one believed them. He never touched me but that was because I was always slacking at the back of the class and never actually did any PE). We just accepted that's how it was. It seems insane now. I can almost see why dramas set in the 80s are sometimes described as "historical" confused. It might also explain the reaction of the headmaster at the school in the podcast - he seemed very defensive when the journalist pressed him on why he hadn't done anything about all the rumours. He blustered on about it not being his place, but at the time I suppose he just didn't care.

tobee Tue 04-Dec-18 17:33:11

That former dpp in the digging episode didn't exactly advance the idea that Australian males aren't dreadful misogynists. hmm

alwayscrashinginthesamecar1 Wed 05-Dec-18 02:02:58

Please don't perpetuate insulting stereotypes. My husband is an Australian male, and is certainly not a dreadful misogynist!

I'm glad Dawson has finally been arrested, I hope they finally have enough evidence to make this charge stick so that Lynn's family can finally get some closure.

tobee Wed 05-Dec-18 12:43:59

I very carefully wrote "the idea". Not that they were.

tobee Wed 05-Dec-18 12:48:13

As in, stereotypes are based on ideas, @alwayscrashinginthesamecar1

tobee Wed 05-Dec-18 12:56:41

Sorry, but to clarify further, the hmmwas at the dpp, not at the Australian male. And the dpp is not doing anything to push back that stereotype. I should have been more clear originally. Had just heard the episode with the dpp and was angry and disgusted at him.

Suzyloo Wed 05-Dec-18 13:50:47

I suppose there will be another episode now. I may never finish this podcast! I love the speeded-up tip, though. grin

LittleLebowski Wed 05-Dec-18 14:59:42

I understood your meaning tobee - certainly this case reveals nothing different about misogynist attitudes in Australia that aren't evident absolutely everywhere. The DPP was indeed a sneering arse and I'm glad he resigned from that position over his comments about the case of the other woman.
Someone else recommended speeded-up listening Suzyloo - it really has helped me increase how much I can get through! I find 1.3 to 1.5 is about right on most things. Some podcasts have such a slow pace and delivery! I wonder if they will go ahead and prosecute Chris? It's clear that Lynn could have been buried anywhere in what was the bush area around the house but is now houses and roads, as well as the other areas they mentioned. I really hope they do. I would hate to think he (and his brother) get away with it.

tobee Wed 05-Dec-18 16:42:59

Talking of speeded up listening, I heard series one of The Accused at 1.5 x. I thought "Grief, this woman talks fast!" Then I realised my mistake blushgrinShame because it was good!

Suzyloo Thu 06-Dec-18 09:32:56

Another episode has gone up overnight - "Arrest". And it's only (!) 45 minutes.

Thanks for the recommendations of Accused and Believed, btw. I think I'll give up waiting for The Teacher's Pet to actually finish, and just start one of the others regardless. I like to live dangerously wink

alwayscrashinginthesamecar1 Thu 06-Dec-18 10:26:45

Ok' I apologise I misread you. I’m just a bit sensitive to the mumsnet Aussie bashing that you get on here a lot. I’m halfway through the last new episode, And wondering what new evidence has come forward to make the cops finally decide to charge him.

LittleLebowski Thu 06-Dec-18 14:38:25

Arrest was a great episode!
He said he'd dropped a couple of interviews from the line-up so as not to impede the investigation - I think with the girl who used to babysit before Joanne? It sounds like they are going ahead with the prosecution as had been recommended before, with the added testimonies of people who witnessed Chris's temper and some circumstantial stuff too, I think, like when he went to visit his brother at the holiday park. I didn't pick up on there being new evidence as such? It's clear though that the podcast has really galvanised people to come forward and consider their own pasts. I thought the whole framing of the episode in terms of attitude towards sexual abuse and the effects it has on people who suffered it was so poignant - especially how we view the term 'relationship' when that occurs between an adult and a teen.
Riveting to read about how Christ acted in court!

LittleLebowski Sun 09-Dec-18 05:27:10 It looks like Dawson's defence may centre around how the popularity of the podcast means he is unlikely to get a fair trial!

tobee Mon 10-Dec-18 21:28:35

Yes, I did wonder about that. It's a very tricky one.

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