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does anyone DO a podcast?

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vivariumvivariumsvivaria Sat 08-Sep-18 11:29:05

I want to set up a podcast - anyone got any top tips or can signpost me to helpful places to teach me the tech?

I can do content, but, I know nothing about sound engineering.

LittleLebowski Sat 08-Sep-18 13:03:50

I don't, but they do at my daughter's school. I don't think there is a huge amount of very technical tech, other than good microphones and whatever recording/editing software they use. Are you near London? There is the London Podcast Festival on September 16th. They have some workshops on as well as some podcast live and people from podcasts. You might get some pointers there. Sounds a great idea by the way, wish I had an idea for one!

vivariumvivariumsvivaria Sun 09-Sep-18 13:38:38

I'm not near London, but, actually, I'd come down for that if it didn't clash with one of the kid's birthdays.

Will have a google and see if I can find something similar on a different date.

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