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ImAGoofyGoober Tue 17-Jul-18 09:26:36

Welcome podcats!
Anyone else love this podcast and male man? I just love his ramble chats, so easy to listen to. Kathy Burke is always my favourite

Vthirtyone Sun 22-Jul-18 23:19:44

Oh my god I love him so much! I love how tight his interviews and even the waffly bits are (compared to a lot of other podcasts that just wang on ) love the songs, love the more matey chats and the more formal ones. I also the Rosie bits. Aaargh god I really love this podcast!
I saw him at Latitude (on stage)I would love to tell him how his podcasts have really helped me this year with some tough stuff going on but I would never be able to say it without making an idiot of myself!
Michaela Coel, Kathy Burke and the Louis Theroux ones have been my faves.

ImAGoofyGoober Mon 23-Jul-18 11:40:49

I heard a rumour once that Rosie can’t actually talk and it’s Adam doing her voice shock I don’t believe it personally.
His rambles are very compact! Louis Theroux singing never fails to make me laugh, it’s so funny!

SeekingClosure Wed 25-Jul-18 10:54:13

He's wonderful, I feel like he's a friend. Listening to his gentle chats has helped me through difficult times. My favourites are with Louis and Joe.

Thank you Dr Buckles! I LOVE YOU. BYEEEE

vincettenoir Fri 27-Jul-18 17:18:49

I liked the Greta Gerwig one. But they are all brilliant. I love his crazy jingles more than anything else.

ImAGoofyGoober Mon 30-Jul-18 16:38:57

Yes Greta was another good one. I also liked Cariad Lloyd because she is just so lovely and had the best French impersonation!

Anyone know when he will start up again?

VioletMottershed Tue 31-Jul-18 18:11:58

His wonderful rambly chats have helped me through some tough times as well. Wanted to show you all my new Dr Buckles t shirt but can't upload photos on this topic. I urge you all to get one (from merch section on his app, lots of styles, mine features Rosie dog) and then I can spot my people!

Auldspinster Wed 22-Aug-18 08:27:19

Love his chats with Jonny Greenwood.

Bumbalaya Mon 15-Apr-19 03:01:32

They are amazing!!! When are they back?

Chancewouldbeafinethlng Fri 19-Apr-19 08:37:34

He’s back today with David Mitchell

Pilcrow Thu 25-Apr-19 14:55:57

I just listened to a couple of these (both with Louis Theroux) on the recommendation of this thread and almost killed myself laughing. They're so funny - LT singing 'Yessir, I can boogie' in falsetto almost finished me off grin. I presume they were at school together, from what they said?

I've downloaded a few more. Have always liked Adam Buxton since the Adam & Joe Show days.

ChristineBaskets Thu 25-Apr-19 15:49:03

I've listened to the David Mitchell one, it's so good to have Dr Buckles back! The book club podcast sounds ace too do we all agree?

Yes Louis and Adam (and Joe) went to the same school. There's a funny video on YouTube of them dancing to 'Groove is in the Heart' in a bedroom as teenagers grin

rosybell Sat 04-May-19 06:29:14

Oh I love his podcasts too! One of my fave guests was Tash Demetriou- I had never heard of her but I was literally laughing throughout the whole show!

Chancewouldbeafinethlng Sat 04-May-19 08:15:04

Anyone know what’s going on with him? He’s come off Twitter and didn’t release the newest episode yesterday.
Hope he’s ok!

rosy I was the same with that one, I was in creases! I recommend watching the tv show she is in with her brother. Even just for the pigeon scene.

hoppybag Mon 20-May-19 06:20:17

LT singing 'Yessir, I can boogie' in falsetto almost finished me off

I laugh just even thinking about that! I love them too, he has such a wonderful casual way of interviewing, loved the recent Ruby Wax one, and that sci fi author he had on recently was really interesting.

OneToThree Wed 12-Jun-19 13:02:21

Love him too. Ruby Wax was great. Also love the lost my charger jingle grin

BedraggledBlitz Sat 15-Jun-19 18:56:41

Jumping on a year old thread to say that Adam's podcasts are the highlight of my working week, I listen on my way to work and it always puts me in a good mood.

hoppybag Sat 15-Jun-19 19:19:12

Loved the Nina Stibbe one, they were totally flirting!

BedraggledBlitz Sat 15-Jun-19 20:54:56

Yes they got on really well. But who wouldn't get on with him, he's ace.

ChristineBaskets Mon 17-Jun-19 09:42:40

Nina Stibbe was wonderful wasn't she. I followed her on Twitter as a result and she liked a comment I made about the podcast! I'm going to get her books now. The podcast got me into David Sedaris too.

Charlotte Church was great too, much more intelligent and thoughtful than I had given her credit for, shamefully.

jessicama Tue 25-Jun-19 15:17:30

I listened to the Nina Stibbe one on a flight the other week and had to stop myself laughing out loud! So brilliant

absopugginglutely Wed 25-Sep-19 21:38:44

When is he coming back?

0Emma01 Tue 08-Oct-19 10:17:33


Cooroo Tue 07-Jan-20 23:46:06

Old thread but I only just drifted onto this section - so happy to find others who love Adam! He's like a friend, I love the way he just chats without interviewing (except occasionally...!)

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