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Death in Ice Valley

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tobee Tue 08-May-18 13:08:55

Someone else mentioned this so I'm listening. It's currently being "broadcast " as a podcast in association with the BBC World Service. First time I've listened to one that is still being worked on. I joined the Facebook group (but not commented yet) it's quite fun to read listeners' discussions about the case. It's very active right now.

Episode 4 came out yesterday so it's easy to catch up but now I'm twiddling my thumbs waiting for the next instalment- not able to do my usual binge grin.

How's anyone else enjoying it?

FishFingerInjury Thu 10-May-18 14:24:33

Just finished episode 4, i’m Enjoying it so far but missing being able to binge.

It’s certainly a very strange story. I need to check out the FB page to see what speculation is happening.

I find the whole thing oddly soothing because of both of the presenters voices.

NymanPerkins Mon 21-May-18 19:20:06

Just discovered this at the weekend. I’m avoiding the Facebook page until I catch up, but really enjoying it.

LittleLebowski Sat 21-Jul-18 18:39:50

I've finished them all. I did really enjoy them, but it's disappointing that they couldn't do much in the way of DNA other than the teeth investigation. I got all hopeful about the spoon, but it seems it was just.......a spoon. I'm beginning to think she was just a bit strange.

powertripe Sun 29-Jul-18 04:17:29

SPOILER! SPOILER!I had to adjust my expectations a bit with this one. I enjoy crime fiction and I think that I subconsciously expected a satisfying solution to be provided at the end. Once I realised that that listeners could be proactive in determining the direction of the investigation, we were around halfway through. I think I may start again at the beginning and listen more closely.

PolkerrisBeach Tue 04-Sep-18 20:26:36

Yes I listened to this one too and have my own theories on the Isdahl woman. Fascinating case.

My own theory is that she was Mossad. I did feel like posting on the FB page enquiring whether anyone had asked the Israeli secret services, but they're hardly going to confirm/deny are they?

Nusery33 Sun 16-Jun-19 22:15:53

Just watch when they see us really good brewsmile

gabsdot45 Wed 26-Jun-19 12:37:24

I just binge listened to this. It was really good. I enjoyed the lovely Scandinavian accents.
It's a very interesting story.

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