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West Cork

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chirpychirpycheep Tue 01-May-18 21:33:37

Anyone else listened? Do you think he did it?

He's incredibly awful, I started to feel a bit annoyed that he's been given such a platform to waffle on.

FishFingerInjury Wed 02-May-18 17:14:11

I don’t really know what I think. There were times when I was in no doubt that it was him, yet, at other times I felt he was innocent.

It certainly seems that he enjoys being the centre of it all.

chirpychirpycheep Wed 02-May-18 20:10:51

It seems so odd that all this evidence points to him, even if it is too flimsy for court. And I can imagine him wanting to speak to her and gain her approval as someone in the arts.

But equally why would someone court all that attention and scrutiny if they were guilty?

Such a strange case.

tobee Sat 05-May-18 01:12:57

I feel sure he would fit into a very definite psychological type, but whether that meant he was guilty or not, hard to tell. Would love to know what a forensic psychologist would say.

I found that the journalists had a difficult line to tread, which I feel that they did pretty well, going with the story of his personality and the police case etc around him, while not eclipsing the story of Sophie Toscan du Plantier.

vincettenoir Fri 27-Jul-18 17:22:11

I agree that he seemed unstable and capable of violent crime. But I was struck by the lack of forensic evidence. I can see why they had trouble convicting him.

Todayillbebetter Sun 19-Aug-18 09:28:44

I listened to these last week. Well it's a terrible yet fascinating case. I do not think he did it and yet...all those strange stories about him howling at the moon and going out late at night.
I'm still conflicted about it. But if I had to make a decision, I would think he was just a very odd, narcissistic man that has enjoyed the noteriety. In fact, I think if the publicity had died down around the murder I wouldn't put it past him to 'confess' to the murder to mess with everyone's heads.
I loved the podcast overall. Very neutral and so thorough.

gabsdot Tue 11-Sep-18 15:18:13

I really enjoyed this podcast. It was so interesting. I don't think Ian Bailey did it. But I think he might be capable of murder. He has certainly enjoyed the notoriety he has gained. I think this murder was committed by a stranger who is long gone.

gabsdot45 Mon 10-Jun-19 21:38:29

They had a trial in France and last week Ian Brady was found Guilty of the Murder.
He didn't attend the trial and probably won't be extradited.

victoriapop Tue 11-Jun-19 11:43:35

No way! Wow. I'm off to google.

tobee Tue 11-Jun-19 17:19:48

Think it was Ian Bailey. Not Brady.

BernadetteRostankowskiWolowitz Thu 12-Sep-19 21:38:51

I've flown through this podcast and have 2 episodes to go. I do think he did it, am glad to read as above that he has been convicted.

I wonder if his wife suspected/was involved.

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