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Interesting podcasts that have an ending

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searchforshinyhair Mon 16-Apr-18 12:49:06

Hello so I have posted this previously elsewhere but I am also posting here for podcast traffic now we have a shiny new topic.

I have been getting annoyed with podcasts not having an ending and feeling like I've wasted my time (e.g. serial and missing and murdered season 1)

Does anyone have any recommendations in any genre that actually have some kind of ending or at least don't feel like you've wasted your time at the end.

I really enjoyed dirty John and s town and currently enjoying the Butterfly Effect

Any recommendations??

Podcastingmum Mon 16-Apr-18 14:15:54

Have you tried S -Town. I know what you mean about the ending thing. S-Town is made by the same people as Serial but definitely has an ending ....although it's not what you'd expect!

searchforshinyhair Tue 17-Apr-18 19:42:06

Yes I've tried s town and really enjoyed it!!

falang Tue 24-Apr-18 16:57:17

Dirty John. Has a satisfying ending.

TuftedLadyGrotto Thu 26-Apr-18 20:59:01

The body on the Moor was good.

TuftedLadyGrotto Thu 26-Apr-18 21:01:18

In the Dark

Missing and Murdered: Finding Cleo.

LittleLebowski Sat 21-Jul-18 18:36:52

Can I recommend "Disgraceland" if you are a music fan? Each episode tells the inside scoop about a well-known artist who you've probably heard of, but had no idea about the real life shenanigans or the exact circumstances of their death. They are not all death or crime, but some do cast a dark shadow over some very famous people. I've found them all really interesting, but I'd recommend the episode about Bob Marley in particular. It gives quite a different account of the peaceful Rasta musician and tells the story of how there was an assassination attempt made on him, with possible CIA connections that I'd never heard of.

Vthirtyone Sun 22-Jul-18 23:31:05

Not sure if this comes under the category but I love Ear Hustle which is in episodes from San Quentin prison. Really interesting and different topics each week. I find prisons fascinating though!

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