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Pull up a pew (or a fetching plastic chair) Religion Chat Thread No 6

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madhairday Wed 25-Sep-13 08:57:31


A shiny new thread smile

How are we all today?

DS seems to have the beginning of what may be chicken pox so is in bed feeling sorry for himself. My laptop is playing up - a picture fell on it yesterday and killed the b key - it takes ages to make it respond now grrrr - and cracked the screen, so not sure what to do sad

madhairday Wed 25-Sep-13 08:58:16

Aaaagh! Should say chat no 7!!!

and sorry for crap title.

niminypiminy Wed 25-Sep-13 09:10:01

Hellooooo! Sorry to hear about the chicken pox and laptop fail. As owner of a newly emptied bank account owing to computer death, I feel your pain. Computers, can't live with 'em , can't live without 'em...

It's the week before term begins here, and already I'm waay behind. Things are better once term has actually started, I always hate the week before . It's like standing shivering lay on the side of a deep, cold swimming pool.

thanksamillion Wed 25-Sep-13 09:30:05

Just checking in to the new thread (well done MHD for starting it!).

We've got visitors this afternoon so I've been baking this morning and am just about to go and collect DD2 from kindergarten. It's been raining though and the path is up a very very steep and muddy hill. Expecting lots of sliding and slipping grin

Dutchoma Wed 25-Sep-13 10:25:44

Thanks for the new thread MHD. Sorry to hear about chickenpox and failing b.
Answers to prayer are wonderful: I felt really low yesterday and prayed for an 'angel' Saw a friend yesterday and had an email from someone in church: "I know it's short notice, but would you like a visit this morning." Isn't that lovely?

MaryBS Wed 25-Sep-13 10:49:33

Thanks MHD. Do you know someone who can look at it cheaply for you? There's a guy near us who can give you a rough quote to repair the screen based on make/model.

I am somewhat bewildered. I contacted our diocesan youth advisor for advice about a service that is on tonight. Apparently I can take DS (who is autistic) to a Youth Taize if he will find it both enjoyable AND useful. What if he finds it enjoyable but not useful? What if I don't know? He has sung along with Taize music in the past, does that mean he will enjoy it? No it doesn't... so many confusing things

niminypiminy Wed 25-Sep-13 10:57:58

Could he find it useful if it's not enjoyable <scratches head> sounds very peculiar advice. Wouldn't yes or no have done?

MaryBS Wed 25-Sep-13 11:12:35

Also, they wouldn't have put the same conditions on other youth attending "your child can only come if they will find it useful and enjoyable". Hmm

madhairday Wed 25-Sep-13 11:34:23

How odd, Mary. Surely he should be 'allowed' to go if he wants, regardless of 'enjoyment' or 'usefulness' hmm If they are putting conditions on SN children attending like this then their policy needs looking at. If he wants to go, then he wants to go!!

nickelbabe Wed 25-Sep-13 11:46:02

Thread number 7, I think grin

nickelbabe Wed 25-Sep-13 11:52:04

hmm Mary what very strange advice.
he probably thought he was being helpful.

niminypiminy Wed 25-Sep-13 12:05:03

I agree Nickel - it seems most likely to me that it wasn't meant restrictively (as in 'he can only go if it would be useful and enjoyable'), and was more likely to be permissive(that is, giving examples of what he might get out if going). I suspect it's one of the many occasions on which someone doesn't really expect their words to be taken at face value.

Bluetinkerbell Wed 25-Sep-13 12:45:39

Thanks for the new thread! smile

Sorry to hear about pc problems and chickenpox!

I saw that service advertised the other day Mary when I was at the diocesan office!

Right, practical advice needed, what do you think is the best lay-out for a Sunday notice sheet. Currently we have an A4 in portrait folded in half length ways. It's got way too many boxes on it, and I want to simplify it and make it look nicer. Any templates are very welcome too wink

Tuo Wed 25-Sep-13 13:06:31

Just popping in quickly to mark my place. Thanks for the new thread, MHD. I like the title: it brings back the still-fresh-in-everyone's-minds Great Chair vs Pew Debate from our refurb. Anyway, I'm so tired, can I pull up a comfy armchair and curl up and go to sleep instead?

Sorry to hear about the pox and the computer, MHD, and agree that a simple 'yes' would have sufficed in answer to your question, Mary, though I'm pretty sure that 'yes' is what was meant.

I may not be around much. I'm drowning in that cold deep pool that niminy talked about. But I do lurk a bit when I can. But never in the back of boring meetings. Oh no. I'd never do that.

BlackeyedSusan Wed 25-Sep-13 13:11:36

tis useful sometime having a computer expert around. when the computer died... he toddled off to the shop at the end of the road and bought a new motor for £30 or so. hope you can get it fixed.

sorry to hear about the chicken pox mhd.

and the comunication was a little less than clear mary [sarcastic understatement] (i may be a little sensitive about this as I may have told dd to present her homework incorrectly as the sheet was not clear. )

madhairday Wed 25-Sep-13 13:31:24

Thanks. We've looked into the insurance and with the excess it seems hardly worth it, ut repairing it is going to cost a lot too, and it's nearly 4 yrs old and has een letting me down a lot wondering if it is time to trade in and up again. so limmin expensive ut so important - don't know what I'd do without I do a lot of writing and creative stuff too not just mumsnetting no siree

The pox is spreading so it looks like it is that sad It's his irhtday on tues, hope he is clearish for that.

madhairday Wed 25-Sep-13 13:32:08

Sorry aout lack of the letter referred to, won't work at all now!!

cloutiedumpling Wed 25-Sep-13 13:57:15

Another one who lurks a lot but doesn't post much.

Hope everyone is having a good day.

nickelbabe Wed 25-Sep-13 15:05:46

the b?

have you tried turning your computer off for that? it worked when DD knackered my entire keyboard the other week...

Dropping in to say hi.

I've been on a training day today and I'm working again this evening so am pretty knackered so anyone who makes a quip about clergy only working one day a week may be taking their teeth home in a bag. May need tea to help me relocate my sense of humour!

MaryBS Wed 25-Sep-13 17:34:23

I'm not sure we're going to go now, he had a bad time on the bus coming home, to the extent the bus driver had to pull over until people calmed down and DS sat down. Plus with everything else that is happening, I'm just not sure I can cope. Feeling very tearful and stressy.

I've just seen a secondhand PC, with what I thought was a reasonable spec, for £100. Its got a 80Gb hard drive, 2.4 dual core processor, 2Gb ram, and its a Panasonic Toughbook, so I thought, ideal for DS.

MaryBS Wed 25-Sep-13 17:34:38

laptop, not desktop

niminypiminy Wed 25-Sep-13 18:20:57

Yikes, Mary, that scene on the bus sounds very distressing. {{{ }}}

Greenheart: sending some chocolate biscuits to go with that tea.

BlackeyedSusan Wed 25-Sep-13 18:33:33

bit like saying teachers only work from 9 til 3.30 and have all those holidays.

thanksamillion Thu 26-Sep-13 10:30:47

How's the Pox progressing MHD? I'm only certain that DD1 has had it. A few times we've thought that DS might have done and DD2 definitely hasn't. I dread them getting it at a time when we need to fly or something like that.

So this afternoon (4pm here, 2pm for you all) we will be having our first 'meeting' here in our village. It will be at our house and will consist of us, two villagers who were baptized a couple of weeks ago, and two lads from a local church (neighbouring village) who we've co-opted! We're doing a kind of bible study/service and I'm pretty excited about it. We're hoping in time to add to our number so if you have time please pray for us grin

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