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1st Holy Communion - boy's outfit

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sdr Thu 03-Jun-10 11:02:24

Was wondering if anyone could help me. DS has his 1st Communion (Catholic) in a few weeks and the only direction re clothes is, other parents with boys don't seem to be going down the suit/tie route and priest would prefer a white shirt.

So I'm looking for preferably a white linen shirt (though may have to settle for polyester) and cotton trousers as I don't want him to look like he's in school uniform.

Do the trousers need to be black or would grey or navy be ok? I am not Catholic (DH is) and have only been to 1st Communion at a CofE church that was quite relaxed. DH just says buy him a new outfit, white shirt, black trousers - seems to think it is easy to find and doesn't believe me I'm having trouble finding a plain white shirt.

themildmanneredjanitor Thu 03-Jun-10 11:04:30

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

sdr Thu 03-Jun-10 11:52:25

Saw some nice white linen shirts online at John Lewis (don't have one near us), so unless I see one in town tomorrow will order that.

suziewoozie Sat 05-Jun-10 09:47:16

Check with the other mums what they are kitting out in, or the teacher who has led the kids on first holy communion if this has been done in school. In our parish, the boys wear dark trousers, and white shirts, and a blue sash. I am sure they wear a tie as well, can't think what colour, and it was only 2 weeks ago grin! Girls are easier!

If you don't have John Lewis, M&S do nicer quality shirts and trousers for kids.

Don't stress about it, just enjoy it, its a really special day!

busymummy3 Mon 07-Jun-10 22:57:11

our church ordered the white shirt specially with gold embroidered Host and Chalice. Also a red tie with gold embroidered Host and chalice and also date of their First holy communion. The nun in church who organises the First Holy Communions also measured my son and made his red satin sash .on the day it was pinned with his Holy Communion Medal. I bought him a pair of new grey trousers but also culd have worn black. Now my daughter .... much easier for the boys!

macmam Sat 12-Jun-10 12:09:49

Up here in Scotland loads of little boys wear the kilt.

colour74 Wed 21-Jan-15 22:40:12

hildasmuriel Thu 22-Jan-15 10:34:31

White shirt, black trousers, red tie here. All bought from school uniform shop. Always a couple of lads in suits but most just in above combo.

wigglesrock Thu 22-Jan-15 11:53:46

At my daughters first communion most of the boys wore an open neck shirt, a pair of trousers - not formal, mainly a chino type and converse trainers. The converse trainers were the most important but smile

jeee Thu 22-Jan-15 12:01:04

DS had a new pair of school trousers, a standard polycotton school shirt, and a red tie. Oh, and he wore polished, but very bashed round, school shoes. About half the boys wore the same as him

The other half wore white suits that looked would have been suitable for an am-dram production of Saturday Night Fever.

1944girl Mon 26-Jan-15 01:30:12

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

BobbyButtons Wed 28-Jan-15 14:49:49

The other half wore white suits that looked would have been suitable for an am-dram production of Saturday Night

That's really not nice Jeee! Are you sure you're Christian??

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