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Hinduism and Paganism.....

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BadgerBadger Mon 01-Aug-05 23:34:38

What do you think of this ?
(An article on popular Hindu deities for the modern Pagan.)

jabberwocky Mon 01-Aug-05 23:40:02

Interesting. I have used Kali in rituals, although as the article says she is powerful, so you'd better know what you're doing!

HappyHuggy Mon 01-Aug-05 23:52:12

<<<<<hiya badger >>>>>>>

BadgerBadger Mon 01-Aug-05 23:53:48

Hi JW and Huggy .

jabberwocky Mon 01-Aug-05 23:55:13

Happy Lammas btw. I haven't done anything special today though, how about you two?

HappyHuggy Mon 01-Aug-05 23:58:25

Happy Lammas

well, i tried to make the little cakes but they didnt turn out very well, so we bought some from greggs! not quite the same i know but the thought was there lol

jabberwocky Mon 01-Aug-05 23:59:25

Good for you! Maybe I'll whip up some cornbread for dinner. Might be just the pick-me-up I need today. (it's only 6:00 here)

BadgerBadger Tue 02-Aug-05 00:00:20

Happy Lammas to you both too .

No, I didn't do anything jabberwocky, set aside time for thought, but nothing physical, IYSWIM!

HappyHuggy Tue 02-Aug-05 00:01:34

its nearly midnight here! I should be in bed but have been working (well sort of on another site - badger were where you tonight???? tis practice night!! )

got the kids gingerbread men as thats said to be where the origonated from.

ive never had cornbread though

jabberwocky Tue 02-Aug-05 00:02:44

Here in the south (US) it's practically a staple! I use a mix but my grandmother always made it from scratch. Sometimes for Lammas I will add in a can of whole kernal corn.

BadgerBadger Tue 02-Aug-05 00:03:52

Oh no Huggy!

I can't believe I missed it!

I am such a dopey sod!

BadgerBadger Tue 02-Aug-05 00:05:24

I've never had cornbread either, well not unless it goes by another name over here?

BadgerBadger Tue 02-Aug-05 00:06:26

Then again Huggy - everything for a reason. I'm not feeling particularly grounded today, so it's probably for the best!

HappyHuggy Tue 02-Aug-05 00:07:05

was really good! am down on the lists now as a regualar to do it on a monday night. done a few tonight and am still floating - always do after!!! great wages for being a messenger (the floating feeling i mean) - better than delievering pizzas lol

am officially an 'old hand' now instead of a regualar, was well pleased lol

i make most things from packets! but though as it was a special day i'd start from scrath...... hmmm will use packets next time - can offer something they'll want then lol

HappyHuggy Tue 02-Aug-05 00:08:02

badger, might be to do with the moon, the feeling of not being grunded, had a few probs there myself

jabberwocky Tue 02-Aug-05 00:08:20

I don't know if it's another name there. You use cornmeal, an egg, and milk (possible other dry ingredients but since I use a mix... )

I usually bake it in a small iron skillet that I have gotten hot in the oven with some oil before pouring in the batter. It makes the edges more crispy. I also have a little iron pan that makes it in little corn stick shapes.

HappyHuggy Tue 02-Aug-05 00:10:18

pancakes? flour, egg, milk and done in a frying pan? will try the cornbread thing one of the days - be adventurous lol

BadgerBadger Tue 02-Aug-05 00:10:25

JW, I tried to make parsley sauce today and failed miserably!

It should be impossible to get wrong

jabberwocky Tue 02-Aug-05 00:18:07

Found this recipe which sounds pretty straightforward.

jabberwocky Tue 02-Aug-05 00:20:32

Alright, have talked myself into it. Off to make a pan now!

HappyHuggy Tue 02-Aug-05 00:20:33

what do you eat it with? do you use it like normal bread?

gonna be cooking it tomorrow lol - poor dh can be my taster!

HappyHuggy Tue 02-Aug-05 00:20:51

LOL jw!!!

jabberwocky Tue 02-Aug-05 00:58:26

You eat it sliced in a pie shape along with your meal. Classically I would say fried chicken, pork chops, maybe meat loaf for your main entree and then mashed potatoes or new potatoes (boiled) along with some green beans. Pure Southern Style!
Mine's ready now, off to have some while it's warm

HappyHuggy Wed 03-Aug-05 02:13:22

how was your cornbread hun?

jabberwocky Wed 03-Aug-05 03:01:02

Pretty good, although I need to check with my mom about adding in the can of corn. I drained off the liquid but the corn kernels were a bit chewy so maybe should have left it in. Of course, if you add enough butter and honey it seems to be OK

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