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Buddhism - whats it all about??

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kateandfelicity Sat 30-Jul-05 19:12:23


wondering if anyone can help me...

I am an agnostic (do love that fence ya know ).... dp is buddhist, and no one in my family is religious... if we were, we would be c of e or something...

..anyway.... i would like dd to grow up with some form of spirituality and religious teaching, what i have read of buddhism sounds, well, very sensible really... but i mean what kind of ceremonies etc are there? eg in christianity there is baptism... is there any equivalent in buddhism... dp's family have mahayana buddhism... dp has mentioned something about the first birthday being important... what else do they do?
-though must keep in mind dd is only 12 weeks old tomorrow... not quite ready for meditation quite yet!

thanks Kate

crouchingtigeress Sat 30-Jul-05 23:38:15

Yep, I know how you feel. I was brought up as Catholic but would consider myself an agnostic. However just like you I would like my ds to have some spiritual guidance as he grows.

I have an interest in Buddhism, probably because of the calmness and peace associated it - but don't know much about it. But must say I was suprised at the different fractions as in organised religion.

This group have introduction weekends and by looking at pictures it seems children are brought along to the weekly sessions.

jabberwocky Sun 14-Aug-05 02:37:01

I love Buddhism although feel more completely at home with Paganism. Thich Nhat Hahn has written some fabulous books. The first one I read was "Living Buddha, Living Christ" which was great as a start since I had been brought up as a Methodist.

Papillon Sun 14-Aug-05 08:37:28

Thinking alot about Buddhism and its existence in ´my´life atm. Probaby because I have such chill low blood pressure atm from pregnancy! At night I listen to Tibetian meditation in bed - it is such a nice way to drift off and quiet the mind. Have been enjoying the benefits

The two Thich Nhat Hanh books I have are ´The miracles of mindfulness´and ´Teachings on love´.

Compassion: Cultivating Positive Emotions - read this article the other day have been pondering the I, me, my labels.

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