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Scorpio males

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Burylass Sat 06-Mar-10 14:04:52

Does anyone have any experience of dealing with scorpio males?? Have become friends with one recently, and from being the most intense, in contact every day sort of person, it's now become where I won't hear from him over several days - and he'll ignore texts I send, haven't a clue where I am...

FlookCrow Fri 16-Apr-10 15:51:39

I would love to be seeing a Scorpio male, all my b/fs have either been Aquarius or Gemini. Could do with a nice fire sign (I'm Taurus).

indigobarbie Sun 18-Apr-10 09:43:29

FlookCrow, a little bit woo but worth a shot - put your thoughts out to the universe to bring you a scorpio male, or else see it in your mind that you have already met one and then say thanks. Sit back and wait, but chill out in the meantime wink

FlookCrow Sun 18-Apr-10 18:33:18

Not woo at all, thank you for the advice :D

Unfortunately my current b/f is an Aquarius, don't think he'd be too pleased about me wishing for another b/f :D Heheh!

Jason666 Fri 13-Jun-14 00:45:43

Sorry to resurrect this, as a scorpio male I am fascinated by all this, I have never been in a relationship with a female scorpio. I was working down south going home for the weekend, a single guy on a train, a young woman just kept looking at me, I kept looking at her, we were I suppose quite agitated by each other, she got up to leave at her stop, she smiled and said, "you are a scorpio arent you?" I just smiled and said yes. I have never felt electricity like it, really amazing, have never forgotten it

IndigoBarbie Sun 15-Jun-14 20:26:01

Yeah hey Jason, we do recognise other scorpios don't we. They have a vibe going on.

CoteDAzur Sun 15-Jun-14 20:44:45

I have a scorpio male in my immediate family.

He stayed completely faithful and devoted to his girlfriend from university although they spent months apart at times, and married her with no fuss nor drama some 20 years later.


Ak1994319 Fri 01-Aug-14 00:45:45

I have a Scorpio father and Scorpio husband I will agree to the fact they are intense I know wat they r like lol

machair Fri 01-Aug-14 15:07:48

My Brother is scorpio and while very secretive, is one of the kindest, most loyal people I know. But when it comes to women, if they make it too easy for him, he soon loses interest. Not saying that you are making it too easy OP but I think you need to have HIM wondering what YOU are up to.

hiddenhome Sat 02-Aug-14 18:31:34

Ds2 is a Scorpio and he is very quick to take offence and very intense and huffy. He's hard work sometimes confused

He is very kind and loyal though.

SuchSweetSorrow Fri 19-Sep-14 18:30:58

I agree that Scorpios are hard work! Yes to being loyal though. I'm an Aries so not exactly easygoing myself!

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