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Scorpio males

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Burylass Sat 06-Mar-10 14:04:52

Does anyone have any experience of dealing with scorpio males?? Have become friends with one recently, and from being the most intense, in contact every day sort of person, it's now become where I won't hear from him over several days - and he'll ignore texts I send, haven't a clue where I am...

ShoshanaBlue Sat 06-Mar-10 22:10:08

My advice would be to avoid all scorpio males. One was enough.

Papillon Sun 07-Mar-10 07:55:59

they can run pretty intense in your face and then go all off in a huff and ignore you till the sting goes out of their tail.

I reckon its important not to walk in their changeability , or anyones fickle demands. Remain consistent in yourSelf. The standard of response to texts or to what happends when does not have to be set by Anyone else, especially when it makes out doubt yourself or wonder what the feck is going on...

lljkk Sun 07-Mar-10 08:03:01

Run hot and cold. That applies to all Scorpios I've ever met (male or female).

indigobarbie Sun 07-Mar-10 09:10:17

I'm a scorpio female and I can relate totally to what you are experiencing (from my own point of view) and also relate to those who have said run hot and cold, and all the other flattering comments - I am that girl!
I know it only too well.

I'd say scorpios are either full on and intense, but might actual cower and hide when they don't have to. There is a major jealous & insecure streak I feel that runs with us and it's hard to deal with. However once we have friends we are very very loyal to them.
I found a wee link for you dunno if of any use at all:
And here is a page I can relate to:

There must be a reason he is avoiding your texts? Is this more than friendship for you?

Don't pander to him though, just you get on with things without him and once he has figured out why he is ignoring you then you will be able to deal with him better and put him in his place if need be.

best of luck we are not that bad! wink

Papillon Sun 07-Mar-10 09:17:49

lovely post indigobarbie

indigobarbie Sun 07-Mar-10 16:51:42


BelleDameSansMerci Sun 07-Mar-10 17:05:45

If you really are going to look at someone's personality based on their birth sign, may I suggest trying to find out date and time of birth? You'll then be able to see where the key planets were at his time of birth. For example, I am a (lovely) Libra but have Venus, Mars and Neptune in Scorpio. Makes quite a difference...

That is, if you believe that astrology has any basis in RL, of course!

Burylass Wed 10-Mar-10 11:52:37

Thanks everyone for very helpful advice - it's helped a lot, it's more than friendship, or at least I thought it was lol !! Now haven't heard anything at all since last w/end, there hasn't been any difference of opinion or anything, he's just totally blanking me and I haven't a clue why, so am just gonna leave's like he's had a total change of personality overnight, oh well - think I've probably had a lucky escape!! Thanks again

Burylass Wed 10-Mar-10 12:28:38

Just wish my self esteem and confidence levels weren't so CRAP when it comes to him, I should just be either asking him what his prob is or being totally not bothered! Instead I feel terrible - like a silly little abandoned girl. Sad to think he may be being intentionally cruel, I think he knows exactly the way he's making me feel, that's why I can't confront him - think I'de crumble, so I'm just staying quiet and feeling really upset, don't think I've felt like this since I was a teenager..

Joolyjoolyjoo Wed 10-Mar-10 12:32:24

Well, I'm a scorpio female (with a scorpio son!) and I don't recogise the hot and cold thing at all! I thought we scorpios were known for our intensity and loyalty. I've never been a game player! I've also always been very honest in ending any relationships, so I'm not sure you can attribute his silence to his being a scorpio.

Bucharest Wed 10-Mar-10 12:34:26

I am a Scorpio female and dp is a Scorpio male.....we have lots of fun in our house. grin

I wouldn't say hot and cold, I am cold and then colder, he is all huffy and puffy then it's blown over in an instant whereas I will harbour a grudge for decades if necessary.

I think he might be a bit nicer than me blush

rainbow35 Thu 11-Mar-10 16:55:54

my boyfriend is a scorpio and i'm having exactly the same problem!

sickofsocalledexperts Thu 11-Mar-10 17:11:33

I am married to a Scorpio, but he gave me the right run around till we actually settled down! My advice - treat him mean to keep him keen, sorry it's the old chestnut. He was perfectly happy to treat me like a disposable plaything, until I put my foot down and became entirely unavailable to him (at which point his male pride was piqued and the chase was on again, only with him doing the chasing). Jealousy of other men also works well, but do it cleverly rather than crassly. Be ever so slightly out of his clutches, but massively sexual when you are together. This combo works.
NB - my Scorpio is now the best and most loyal of husbands, but he needed to be absolutely sure before he got anywhere even close to commitment.

sh77 Mon 15-Mar-10 17:15:37

I am married to a scorpio male. My hubby and pre/post marriage experience sounds just like sickof's.

He too is intense and very loyal. I couldn't have asked for a better husband. I am Taurean.

indigobarbie Mon 15-Mar-10 19:41:33

waves to burylass How you gettin on?

sh77 Taureans are the exact opposite sign of the scorpio in the zodiac wheel and believed to be a very good match wink

sickof Great advice smile

Burylass Mon 22-Mar-10 18:51:16

Thanks everyone - especially indigobarbie!

Moved on - waaayyyy too complicated, and I feel so much happier!!

Sickof's comment re the need to be absolutely sure before getting anywhere even close to commitment is spot on re this guy also - but got fed up with waiting!! Couple of weeks ago after not having heard anything at all I politely enquired why was he ignoring me? His response - he wasn't, I replied that I assume we're just a casual thing then and he was seeing other people? No he's not, he tells me - casual encounters aren't what he's about - which I had thought - So, I asked him what was I to him? and he said that Right now he wasn't 100% sure.....since then I haven't heard a thing - I sent a light txt the other day just saying that I missed his funny txts as they always used to make me laugh - still no response, soooo ....given up!

indigobarbie Mon 22-Mar-10 22:26:26

wink Hello! burylass Ooh he's gone into retreat. Oh wow! You must have hit a nerve when you said the casual thing. heheh. He obviously doesn't know a good thing when he's onto it. He might come back laters. Good on you for not dwelling on him xxx

Burylass Tue 23-Mar-10 10:06:32

Ha ha thanks indigobarbie, no am not dwelling - the whole thing got me down, life's too short!!xxx

piratecat Tue 23-Mar-10 10:17:02

Burlylass, as much as i 'do' horoscopes, and enjoy finding out about them, I do think it's down to that fact that he is beinga muppet bloke, and could be any sign.

it's not daft to feel insecure, if you are getting mixed messages, or no messages. Am going thru something similar myself.

The only problem is, you have to go thru the process, the finding out, and it can be hard to know what to ask and when.

BUT, I also am learing self worth is very important, and that's the best lesson we can take. Then move on!!

Burylass Tue 23-Mar-10 12:05:28

piratecat, yes totally agree - self worth is very important and normally am confident and happy with myself - I've been thru a couple of other things recently that coincided with this disaster, so just bad timing, I guess. I couldn't believe how down I got with it, and although I don't even think of him anymore it almost hasn't really ended or he's just being nice - as when I asked him why he was just ignoring me - he unbelievably said he wasn't, as I say wayyy toooo complicated!!

piratecat Tue 23-Mar-10 16:58:34

it's incredible how unnerving it is to be suddenly feeling unsettled by another person. Moresoe by a man, when it's your heart that's on the line.

i am finding a newd ating situation far more wearing than enjoyable right now, after 5 yrs on my own.

time will tell i guess. x

piratecat Tue 23-Mar-10 17:00:02

yes, he needs to have the guts to say, um no i am not interested so you can draw that line.

Burylass Wed 24-Mar-10 08:57:12

Good luck, piratecat x Yep that's it exactly - he went from being like an overexcited child, totally full on, OTT tbh - to virtually no contact and now nothing with no word of explanation - weird and bewildering, so even tho I've moved on, to a certain degree, he could quite possibly just contact me again coz as you say the line hasn't been drawn. In addition, because of the way I felt about him I could quite imagine myself getting drawn back into his grip...which, ultimately, I don't think would be very healthy. Be strong...haha

Are you getting the hot and cold treatment?x

piratecat Wed 24-Mar-10 09:43:09

oh yes, def hot and cold.

doing my nut tbh.

mantra today ' I am a wonderful, kind and lovely woman, who will be shown the correct road'

and such stuff!!!

oh, and chuck in generous amounts of 'self worth, and happy thoughts'

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