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pray, pray, pray.

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husbandhavingaffair Thu 14-Jul-05 05:09:39

Please pray. Today a board meets and makes a recomendation as to whether dh is dismissed from his job.

Yes he messed up when he had an affair. Not a good thing to do as a minister i know but please pray that although what he has done is a dismisable offence that they will look at the circumstances surrounding it and act with compassion and grace.

Also pray that whatever decision is made that we will accept that and believe that it is God's will, and give us the right words to tell dds 13 & 11

Thanks,will let you know what decision is. Hopefully over the w/e

munz Thu 14-Jul-05 07:40:36

good luck thoughts are with you today.

kath4kids Fri 15-Jul-05 03:41:55

He has been dismissed all but a rubber stamp from the boss. So spose we could still pray for a miracle that he overturns the decision.

What a night mare. dds will have to be told, we're going to have to move, find new schools.

Can't believe this is happening to us. If I had kept my mouth shut in the first place it would never have come to this.

My Dad always said my mouth would get me into trouble and he ws right

Carla Fri 15-Jul-05 06:12:50

k4k, I don't know the ins and outs of this (did you post somewhere about it?) but you absolutely musn't blame yourself. If that had happened to me I would be shouting it from the highest mountain. Will keep you in my thoughts.

Carla Fri 15-Jul-05 06:20:27

And for God's sake, wouldn't that put him in a more empathetic position for others that come to him for advice that find themselves in the same situation? I think the church needs to get into the 21st century. If you're prepared to forgive him (which I assume you are), who are they to veeto that?

My H divorced his ex to marry me. At the time he had a senior position in a not-too-insignificant public school round here. The priest was prepared to marry us, but not until he'd got in touch with the school to hear their views on it. What???????

All the best. Let us know how it goes.

Milliways Fri 15-Jul-05 07:49:21

I pray Gods peace be with you in this situation, and that your family is as protected as it can be. Maybe a new start somewhere will be a real blessing for you all. Thank God that you are able to forgive and help your children. I hope you DH appreciates you.

This is not your doing. Remember that God doesn't send you more than you can bear if you trust him.

Carla Mon 18-Jul-05 05:50:11

HAHA, been thinking about you this weekend. Hope you're all OK.


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