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Dolphin Dreams...anyone know what this could mean(if anything)?

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3mummy Tue 12-Jul-05 09:48:04

I have never had any desire to swim with dolphins, in fact I'm not a very good swimmer - don't like water on my face. Last night I had a very strange dream and told my DH about it this morning and he told me to get on the net and see if I could find out what it meant as he thought it wasn't good. I'm a bit sceptical about all that dream interpretation stuff, I'm not supersticious, I'm Christian and this sort of stuff I usually avoid, but the dream was so unusual for me that I'm intrigued.

My dream;

I've won some kind of competition and I'm standing in a kind of massive wet room/shop, I'm waiting at the counter and have signed some forms and handed them over. All of a sudden all this water rishes in and "my" dolphin is bobbing in the water next to me - there are two other people with dolphins also.

I am told to hold it's tail and it starts pulling me round the wet room/ pool (weird I know), all I can think is I'm worried about hurting the dolphin and keep asking the trainer how do I hold it's tail without hurting it. When it comes to the day of the dolphin show I cry off. I sense in the dream that I'm meant to be in this show with "my" dolphin, but all I can think is my breasts are swollen and it must be time to feed my baby, then I have this panicked feeling that I've been away from my children for a couple of days, especailly my baby whom I am BF.

Does anyone know if this kind of dream has any meaning? I've searched the web and found something that says I'm becoming more concious of my subconcious, but that was just to do with having dolphins in my dream.


megandsoph Tue 12-Jul-05 10:29:57

sorry I cannot do links very well so u will have to copy and paste the above link

The site is the best RE: dreams i have come across
you will have to look up dolphins.

Twiglett Tue 12-Jul-05 10:36:56

it means absolutely NOTHING

it is a collection of sounds, images that your brain tries to put in some kind of order and make a coherent story out of

Twiglett Tue 12-Jul-05 10:37:24

..or possibly next time you're coming back as a tuna

3mummy Tue 12-Jul-05 11:21:33

Dowsed in mayo?

Must admit I agree with you Twiglett. I'm just curious as to what the non sceptics might think of it.

Papillon Tue 12-Jul-05 19:28:57

I am a dolphin dreamer and dolphin is a strong spiritual guide for me. Here is some thoughts I have on your dream. They are just my thoughts, combined with information from others who have published and/or studied dolphins.

The use of the dolphins tail rather than the fin could indicate negative energy, inner fears and weaknesses. It is a build up that might need to be reduced. The tail is naturally attractive, e.g. like a child wanting to stay home rather than go to school. The soul feels secure and confident with what it knows best. But this can lead to failure, pain or drama. You discomfort at holding the dolphins tail could show that you are subconsciously aware of opportunity elsewhere.

Dolphins teach us how to remain open to living in more than one way and environment.

The show may be about facing up to feelings or a situation that may be unresolved. Facing the limelight so to speak. Many of us are uncomfortable trying to step from one realm of life to another in this manner. We often feel we must hide least we are don´t not fit into the status quo..
´Dolphin medicine can show us ways in which we can come to terms with what the outside world expects of us and what we must do to remain true to ourselves!´

Dolphins are also extremely protective, they are well known for protecting other species, including humans by saving them from drowning and as such they can help to protect us when we call upon them for help and support.

For those who have been sexually abused Dolphin can be called upon to help heal the damage that has been caused.

If Dolphin has appeared for you, ask yourself the following: what am I communicating? Am I finding things to be happy about or is all I am seeing are the problems I currently am facing in life? It is also a message to be open to receiving this help from others and to allow ourselves to be supported by the waters of life.

Dolphin medicine

Just to add some medical info related to the dolphin -Indication that there are allergies to diary products and many grains.

Thought was interesting in relation to sleep and motherhood!

How do dolphins sleep?

Dolphins sleep only with one half of their brain at a time ! Remember Dolphins are conscious breathers. Should they sleep and go unconscious as we do they would simply suffocate or drown. Sleeping Dolphins can be seen as resting, floating at the surface, with one eye open. After a time, they will close the one eye and open the other one. They alternate like this throughout their entire nap.

3mummy Tue 12-Jul-05 20:44:45

Fascinating Papillon! Thankyou for your response, much appreciated. At least, if nothing else, I can reassure DH that it's nothing bad!

Thanks again

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