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prayer with other faith communities

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Podmog Sat 09-Jul-05 09:18:53

Message withdrawn

ChaCha Sat 09-Jul-05 13:37:37

What a wonderful gesture. As a Muslim, that's exactly what i'm praying for, can't see you offending anyone..what you're doing is marvellous and i wish you all the best.

ruty Sat 09-Jul-05 15:03:50

i for one would love it if there was more dialogue between Muslims and Christians and other Faiths at grass roots level, and more spiritual understanding across the boundaries. I pray for that.

ruty Sat 09-Jul-05 15:04:31

and think what you mention is just right podmog.

Podmog Sun 10-Jul-05 09:51:23

Message withdrawn

ChaCha Sun 10-Jul-05 09:52:19

Likewise Ruty!

Let us know how it goes Podmog. All the best x

ruty Sun 10-Jul-05 11:41:17

lovely prayers Podmog.

ruty Sun 10-Jul-05 11:42:03

and thanks ChaCha!

ChaCha Sun 10-Jul-05 12:21:29

Podmog - we must have posted at the same time! Very nice indeed! Universal message.

When you say in Jesus name we pray, there is a number, is that an error or reference?
You are also aware the Jews and Muslims pray directly to God, and that Jesus is a Prophet? Just a thought.

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