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Does evil eye exists?

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Chandra Thu 30-Jun-05 02:22:39

If somebody is always saying that she can cause it and then one day she says she will do something to you, what do you do?

a) Laugh about it and forget about the subject
b)Get slightly worried about somebody wishing something bad for you so you slightly cut contact with the person
c)Throw away anything she gives you?
d)Come to Mumsnet looking for the resident witches to see if they can advise on possible protection?
e)all of the above.

SaintGeorge Thu 30-Jun-05 02:44:10

a and b for me.

Possibly c depending on how I felt.

d - would be talking to myself (nothing new there then)

SaintGeorge Thu 30-Jun-05 02:45:30

Sorry, just read b again. Wouldn't be worried but would probably cut contact because who wants that sort of person in their life?

Chandra Thu 30-Jun-05 02:48:25

I was lookibg for you actually, didn't know who to ask about it and your name came to my mind

What's the general view about these sort of things?

SaintGeorge Thu 30-Jun-05 02:52:22

Power of the mind - if you believe in the evil eye and someone invokes it's power over you, then it will effect you. That doesn't mean it isn't rea, because the mind is a powerful thing and can do much damage to itself IYKWIM

In the same way, if you want to protect yourself from the evil eye then there are charms/protections that you can use.

SaintGeorge Thu 30-Jun-05 02:53:24

Sorry, typing not good. slightly tipsy and on way to bed. Catch me tomorrow if you want more info

Chandra Thu 30-Jun-05 02:58:08

I was thinking the same you mentioned at the last post (first paragraph).

It's just that while talking to a friend from Turkey (were evil eye protection charms are like a tourist souvenir) she mentioned about people always touching the thing that it is the object of their admiration to prevent evil eye. I found it surprising as people do the same in my country for the same reasons but nobody call it evil eye. So I wondered if it really existed and if it did what was the thing about it.

Chandra Thu 30-Jun-05 02:58:53

meant the other last post, sorry. Good night

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