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Can anyone tell me about Ba'hai?

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albert Mon 20-Jun-05 10:39:57

I know nothing at all about this religion and being faced with the prospect of moving yet again (not yet confirmed)the only local school which is multi-lingual including English is a Ba'hai school. I checked the website of the school and it is very unclear. Although I doubt that we would be accepted in such a school since we are clearly not Ba'hai it set me wondering about this religion. Can someone enlighten me please?

QueenOfQuotes Mon 20-Jun-05 10:46:00

this is quite good .

I don't know a lot about them but they're a very 'open' religion - they actually 'accept' bits of most of the majors religions.

Have a very good friend who's very active in the local Bah'ai community - her DS goes to the CofE school next door and she has no issues with him learning about other religions at all - or mixing with other faiths.

I'm sure you'd get into a Bah'ai school, and wouldn't be turned down because of it, from what I know of it (I'm a Christiain) they're a very 'peaceful' and 'open' religion.

kama Mon 20-Jun-05 11:11:51

Message withdrawn

albert Mon 20-Jun-05 11:34:13

It does sound good doesn't it. DS is currently at a Catholic school and we may be moving to a very catholic country (although I'm C of E) and was wondering if the school would celebrate Christmas and Easter, I guess not, what do you reckon?

Cam Mon 20-Jun-05 11:41:07

It a branch of Islam and therefore doesn't celebrate Christian festivals.

QueenOfQuotes Mon 20-Jun-05 11:42:11

branch of Islam??

Noooo - that's not correct.

And they do 'celebrate' other festivals -

marialuisa Mon 20-Jun-05 12:21:13

Knew some Ba'hai kids at school (the boy got expelled for taking drugs into Faslaine base), their family was actually quite strict, they got caned for "misbehaving", e.g. eating white bread. Not too sure whether that was religion based rules or just a family thing though.

QueenOfQuotes Mon 20-Jun-05 12:22:31

think that must be a family thing - the family I know are the most laid back, down to earth and relaxed family I've ever met .

I've seen the little boy (5yrs old) munching on all sorts of food, ranging from the extra healthy right down to the crips, sweet and chocolates

fostermum Tue 21-Jun-05 08:25:02

there a very laid back regigion that put woman high on the life scale as they are the teachers of the next generation and the providers of life

jayzmummy Wed 29-Jun-05 18:39:34

Bah'ai is a pretty strong religion around our area...everyone I know who practise this religion are very well grounded and have a massively strong connection with the earth and the DH calls them "tree huggers" in a nicce affectionate way.

We live in a heavily populated "surfer" area and Bah'ai seems to fit in with its open and relaxed attitude and is respectful of the envirionment we live in.

I'd have no quarms about sending my children to such a school at all.

happymerryberries Wed 29-Jun-05 18:48:29

Gives you some more information and other links.

It isn't accepted as Islamic by most (if not all) Muslims as they venerate Mohammed as a prophet but not the last and final one (basic to Islamic beliefs IIRC)

Doddle Wed 29-Jun-05 19:19:12

My MIL is Ba'hai, DP and his 3 brothers were brought up Ba'hai and none have remained so. There are many good things such as a huge international network and closeness, so you seem to be able to ring any Ba'hai in any country you are visiting and meet up. MIL is always travelling. There are a lot of social feasts, every nineteen days I think where everyone brings something and she's always looking out for Ba'hai kids at nearby universities whose parents are far away.

MIL is not very laid back and a bit of a nutter to be frank, but that's probably just her. She is often very naive about international politics and once said with a completely straight face that the whole of the Middle East situation will be solved when everyone converts to Ba'hai.

The only real downside for me would be the complete lack of alcohol!!

However a lot of the Ba'hai's I've met through MIL have been lovely, and the temples are very beautiful, peaceful places. If you want to find out more I can ask her anything you like, if she's not on another cruise that is!! I've got a Ba'hai childrens/educational book somewhere that she lent me so I could try and dig up some information from that.


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