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Do your loved ones help you after death or is it just your imagination

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maidenvoyage Sat 31-Oct-09 00:37:35

My mum died 12 years ago and I can truthfully say I adored her, she had a hard life and I tried to protect her all I could. She was a stunning woman in looks and personality that you would ever meet.The night she died I drove home and heard her call me, I smelt her perfume and often feel her around me, I am in the car driving to work and talk to her, I just feel that she has helped me in times of trouble. I truly hand on heart believe in the after life and so wish it to be true

teameric Sat 31-Oct-09 00:45:38

I totally believe that, I don't think life can just end

DippyDino Sat 31-Oct-09 21:25:49

I think that loved ones do look after you after death, I believe it now but I wish I had believed it many years ago!

flakecake Mon 02-Nov-09 06:32:17

Good morning, well, they say energy cannot be created or destroyed...I believe we just move on to another level/dimention...and yes loved ones meet us and help us along. I really have no doubt in life after death.

foresttarotadmin Mon 02-Nov-09 13:09:15

you are entitled to believe in whatever you choose. Personally I do believe in life after death. I lost my brother when I was 18, but only very recently he came through at a spiritualist church, just as disgusted about having to give a message as I know he would have been in real life, he always was quite exasperated in life!

Even if it so happens to not be true, if it brings you comfort and makes you feel a little less afraid about death and beyond, it can only be a good thing. Your beliefs dont have to be approved by anyone else.

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