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Has anyone ever gone looking for religion?

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lunavix Wed 15-Jun-05 15:54:33

I've never been a religious person as such, but I have always been interested in it. Religion was always my favourite subject at school - I loved learning about it, even if I didn't quite believe all of it - and I have always been fascinated by people with strong religious belief, dh's best friend is a devout Christian, and I've had close friends who are pagans (following different paths.)

Since ds was born I've felt really drawn to ^finding something else^ in life. Something to believe in, really. I was adamant ds was Christened - even if I don't believe in it, what if I'm wrong!!! - but now I feel like I really need to find a path. The trouble is, I just don't feel convinced by anything, terrible as that sounds.

Has anyone else felt like this, or read anything inspirational that might help?

flamesparrow Wed 15-Jun-05 16:01:37

Hmmm... not really felt like it - my path came to me sort of by accident. I suddenly realised there was a name for what I already believed.

How about writing down what you believe in your heart. Then see if it is already "something".

For me, I was researching Wicca for stupid reasons (Willow on Buffy was interchanging wicca and witch and I wanted to know the difference ), and realised that I was a pagan at heart, and it was just all that I had always felt.

Does that make sense?

Gwenick Wed 15-Jun-05 16:05:54

I foudn this a while back - don't know how 'accurate' it is - was pretty close for me (Christian) but might be worth looking at..

lunavix Wed 15-Jun-05 16:06:02

I think the writing down is a good idea.... might have to do that when I have a free hour or so!

What I believe in is confusing... I love the freedom in beliefs in pagan religions (I called myself a pagan for a long time before realising I had no idea what I was really saying then I sat down and did a lot of research myself!) but to be honest something about christianity draws me, I just really, really, don't believe in the Bible at all (if anyone who's a Christian reads that, sorry!!!!)

So I suppose I'm wondering really what else....

lunavix Wed 15-Jun-05 16:18:40

Gwenick - did that quiz!

1. Neo-Pagan (100%)
2. Unitarian Universalism (88%)
3. Hinduism (86%)
4. Mahayana Buddhism (83%)
5. New Age (83%)
6. Liberal Quakers (79%)
7. Sikhism (74%)
8. Reform Judaism (67%)
9. New Thought (62%)
10. Theravada Buddhism (62%)

More confused now though lol

flamesparrow Wed 15-Jun-05 16:22:29

I'm intrigued... what didn't agree with you for paganism (if you don't mind me asking)?

starrynight Wed 15-Jun-05 16:29:58

That link was brilliant Gwenick - seems my beliefs are 100% Pagan!! Am very excited by this because have now looked at a huge variety of religions and never found one I could live with. This looks promising and I look forward to finding out more.

starrynight Wed 15-Jun-05 16:30:29

Aaah, maybe we are all pagan at heart! lol

SaintGeorge Wed 15-Jun-05 16:31:14

starrynight - do a search on here, there are quite a few of us pagan mums on MN and I'm sure most of us are up for a chat whenever you fancy it

lunavix Wed 15-Jun-05 16:31:34

I think my concerns were more with a 'god' and 'goddess' which most pagan paths seem to believe in. I know that that is a generalization, but some followers of paths - particularly wicca - have books listing 'spells' and random names of 'gods' and 'goddesses' to devote these to, where does it all come from? I must have looked at a hundred books on wicca and they all seemed unnervingly like something out of 'Charmed' or that rather dodgy movie with the four teenagers which title I can't remember!

Please, if you can correct me and I will take it back, but a lot of it seems as unconvincing to me as an ark of animals or other such stories.

lunavix Wed 15-Jun-05 16:32:26

starrynight - if you find a name for what you believe in let me know! It could be what I am looking for too!

Mosschops30 Wed 15-Jun-05 16:33:23

Message withdrawn

flamesparrow Wed 15-Jun-05 16:33:47

For me, I don't go with the specific gods and goddesses (don't get on well with Wicca either) - for me it is more sort of swirling deity, of both genders... does that make sense?

I'm not much for spells either, which is why I class myself more as pagan than witch... I have done occasional ones, but rarely

lunavix Wed 15-Jun-05 16:34:27

mosschops - that sounds interesting, what will it involve for you?

lunavix Wed 15-Jun-05 16:35:09

flame - what exactly do you do then, if you don't mind me asking

starrynight Wed 15-Jun-05 16:37:14

My own personal belief is that we are all spirits that kind of 'get together' into a 'supreme' spirit. Ooh, that sounds wierd written down! Is this similar to the pagan belief?

starrynight Wed 15-Jun-05 16:38:21

Yes, I would like to know if pagans get together and have a community as this would be important for me. It can't be too odd either as DH has already given up on me already! (a weekend in a buddhist retreat and researching the Baha'i faith has made him look at me strangely! lol)

lunavix Wed 15-Jun-05 16:41:58

Yes that's another thing that worries me lol. If I told dh that I'd decided to become a pagan I think he'd look at me as if it was a fad and then tell me not to involve ds... but I'm sure this could be another thread in the offing lol

starrynight Wed 15-Jun-05 16:42:04

I don't think my post was very clear and its embarrassing me now What I meant was that I don't believe in one judgemental all powerful 'god' but believe that we are all part of the 'one spirit' sort of thing. Clear as mud?> I give up!

Mosschops30 Wed 15-Jun-05 16:42:13

Message withdrawn

lunavix Wed 15-Jun-05 16:42:42

btw starrynight how did the buddhist retreat go? Sounds fascinating (I know NOTHING about buddhism lol)

starrynight Wed 15-Jun-05 16:43:21

I think you're right there Lunavix - could be a whole other thread - how to find spiritual enlightenment without your husband or kids sectioning you! lol.

starrynight Wed 15-Jun-05 16:44:50

The buddhist retreat was good - it was very calming and relaxing. Unfortunately I found it was another religion to strike from the very long list! I couldn't quite live with their karma thing. I believe it to an extent but can't quite believe that a child being molested has done something in a previous life. Nope, can't go there

SaintGeorge Wed 15-Jun-05 16:44:55

OK, deep breathe, my personal view of my pagan faith coming up. For those who don't know I am a witch. I no longer refer to myself as Wiccan as they tend to be coven/group based and I am a solitary.

I believe in an almight source of spiritual energy that can be plugged into, so to speak. I choose to give that source a face and a name occasionally, simply because I am human and it is easier to focus on something I can properly picture in my mind.

Many Pagans (myself included) often take this a step further and think of individual aspects of the power and name Gods/Goddesses accordingly - so they might think of/worship Venus when they are doing something about love and relationships for example. I don't think of her as a seperate entity, just as a single aspect of the whole.

Spells are just another way of focusing deeply on something. It's like a Christian going to church to pray and light a candle, rather than just saying a prayer to themselves.

starrynight Wed 15-Jun-05 16:46:00

Are you a witch if you are pagan then?

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