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is there light at the end of the tunnel for me

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midsummereve Thu 29-Oct-09 21:08:19

im going through a tough time at the moment mainly with depression, I have lost my way I need love guidance anything really can anyone help me please,I use to have a gift growing up but it doesnt come to me anymore I have run out of hope that any of my dreams will come true and I feel lost, sorry please someone help me find myself again.xx

katiek123 Thu 29-Oct-09 22:03:45

of course there is won't always be like this, i am sure...thinking of you and sending light your way...maybe join us on the meditation thread where a number of us have struggled with depression? just a thought XXX take care of yourself

midsummereve Thu 29-Oct-09 22:20:18

thank you for your kind words and talking to me I really appreciate it.xx

kcartyparty Thu 29-Oct-09 22:22:49

Have been down the dp route myself. Such a dark road...

but there is light at the end of the tunnel... Find your happy place

....Hold it in your mind, take up a pencil and draw it on some paper or canvas.

......... Don't worry if your not a picasso, drawing releases the tension, anger and sadness with in.

Art therapy .. please give it a try.

Paint a perfect picture - bring to life an image in one's mind! Prince & the Revelutions

morningpaper Thu 29-Oct-09 22:22:53

I'm sorry you are feeling down but there is always a future, even if it doesn't seem like it at the moment. Don't give up hope. There are always happy days to come. XXX

maidenvoyage Sat 31-Oct-09 00:10:23

Hi all, what if you cannot remember a happy place what do you do then? The only thing that keeps me working etc going through life is knowing that there is life after death and to be honest (no I am not depressed) is that I will meet my mum again x

DippyDino Sat 31-Oct-09 21:28:37

If you can't remember a happy place, make one up,
If your dreams are in pieces, dream a better dream,
If your hopes are at an end, make a new beginning.

If you want to, you can reconnect with your gift, just give it time and bekind to yourself.

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