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could a spiritual/medium or just anyone please help me?

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allthatjazz Wed 21-Oct-09 17:15:21

i dont really know how to word this in a way that conveys what im really trying to say so here we go...

I have had a couple of experiences whilst growing up, seeing very clearly my parent's cat on my pillow next to me and a woman who's identity I cant quite put my finger on but suspect it was my nanny.

I miss her terribly I was quite young when she died but anyway... Dp's has lost both his grandparent's who he was very close to in the last 18 months one very recently. Dp and I are desperately ttc and I feel more positive about it than I ever have done.
I guess I would like to know they are both still about really. I know that for me to have a baby would mean the world to dp and his family as they have suffered such loss over the past 18 months and a new life would bring them such joy.( this obviously is not the core reason for us ttc)

I feel quite lost at the moment and any kind words would much appreciated.

Thank you for reading.

atj x

themerrywidow Wed 21-Oct-09 20:22:51

I have experienced many of these feelings and believe I am quite sensitive to the spirit world. After my husband died (5 years now so I'm not still in grief) I often felt his presence as a huge sense of calm, and once I had a strange experience in the car when it lost all power when I was wrestling with an important decision, and then the solution just came to me. More recently I was clearing some stuff from the loft and he 'visited ' me several times. I don't really believe in spirits as such, but I do believe that we draw on the people in our past (living or dead) to inform and support us in our present.
The birth of a child is always a healing event and if you feel supported in your decision to have a child by these figures from your past then this is a good thing. One thing that death should teach us is that it is the living of life which gives it meaning, and new life is the future. I wish you well and am sure that all your relatives both living and dead will be with you.

allthatjazz Wed 21-Oct-09 22:19:48

thank you so much for your kind words. i am so sorry for your loss. I feel at peace when i think about them i just hope i fall pregnant soon as i know to our living and deceased relatives it would bring only joy. Thank you for your lovely reply i am touched x

DippyDino Thu 22-Oct-09 23:14:31

Don't have much to add really, other than be guided by your feelings, and I'm glad you feel able to be comforted by people you have on the other side of life, as it were.

FWIW me and dh went through 5 years of frantic trying to concieve, and on the occasion the fertility treatment worked, I 'knew' I was pg before we even got out of the hospital car park! Dh thought I was going daft through the stress unitil I wee'd on a stick 2 weeks later! grin

My mother, who is a angry was awful to me during my pg and ttc, and I felt very definitely that my mum in law was around for me during that time, (she had passed away 2 years previously) to the point that I even felt her arm around me once and heard her say, as if she was right next to me 'oh she is a bitch, your mother!' This cheered me up grin

Sorrry for rambling, hope I have helped?!

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