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New to tarot - can I ahve some help please?

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thesouthsbelle Mon 19-Oct-09 16:35:16

lovely ladies.

firstly how do you remember all the meanings of the cards? I'm really struggling with this one.

but second of I keep getting the tower card out, both reversed and normal. when I shuffle the pack and read the top one, (just trying to see if I can remember the cards mostly) 1 in 3 is the tower card. Should I worry about it?

also which spread is the best to use - have been using both the 5 card spread, and also the one with the x and line to the side iycwim.

thesouthsbelle Mon 19-Oct-09 17:23:58


DippyDino Mon 19-Oct-09 20:39:20

It is difficult, don't expect to remember all the meanings straight away.

Study the card, notice everything in the picture, and relate it to the cards meaning.

For example: The Tower - an image of a tower being hit by lightening / hit by a storm, its foundations crumbling.

Meaning - Complete change, a situation based on crumbling foundations is about to fall apart. Changes will be sudden and seem catastrophic at the time - however when the dust has cleared, things can be rebuilt anew, on solid and strudy foundations this time.

I find it much harder to remember with the minor arcana cards! I can't even remember what the different suits stand for yet!

As for spread, I'd recommend either a straight 3 card past, present, future (but make sure that you are asking a clear question) or a celtic cross spread, you don't have to be as specific with the issue you need guidance with, e.g. just 'career' will do and the cards will do their thing!

DippyDino Mon 19-Oct-09 20:40:52

Sorry just re-read your post - no don't worry about the tower - I always take it to mean that the shit will hit the fan but it's a blessing in disguise! The other cards around it will give a clue as to what area of your life it is alluding to.

thesouthsbelle Tue 20-Oct-09 11:00:59

Well didn't have it again last night.

Is there anything special etc I should be doing to charge the cards? they're currently in my top draw next to the bed.

I don't read them as much as I should do thou know that much.

Overall my readings have proven positive - but have a cosistent theme. get over the past to have a successful future and it will all work out in the end.

DippyDino Tue 20-Oct-09 21:02:36

Hmm... not sure about 'charging' the cards... I think that you're meant to keep them in a wooden box wrapped in a silk scarf, also you should 'cleanse' them / imagine them filled with white light and working postively for you for the greatest and highest good etc. Tbh I am never quite sure myself what it is you're meant to do!

Not sure if the silk scarf thing is an old wives tale...

foresttarotadmin Sun 25-Oct-09 11:57:49

Hi there, I am a tarot reader, its actually my proffesion now (self employed) and have read them for over 13 years now. I dont go in for all the 'frolics' that come with reading cards, the cards arent magical, they are cards. Its you that interprets them, they are a tool. Take care of them as you would any tool or object that is important to you.

If however you prefer to go with the wives tales, you can wrap your cards in black silk, to keep negative energies out. You can also put them in order (major arcana, the fool - the world, then the minor) this is believed to 'clear' them, ready to be used again.

Personally I keep three sets all together in a normal box on my window sill, and very rarely put them in order (normally its to make sure I havent lost one!) yet I still get very good feedback from readings.

The tower card reappearing will e most likely just pointing out that life is unpredictable, there is no set way to go about life, just like there is no set way to go about the cards. You might just be trying too hard.

For learning the cards, its best to start with the major arcana. Learn the fools journey, as each card represents the phases we go through in adult life. Pick a few key words to go with each card, and learn that only. Begin to do simple three card readings with the major arcana only, a good one is to do a morning, afternoon and night reading every day, to get used to the cards.

When you feel comfortable with the major cards, begin to learn the minor. Its best to learn what areas the suits tend to pinpoint: Wands: Initiative, Career, Ambition, Cups: Love and emotions, Swords: thinking, logic, challenges, Pentactles: Materialism, earth, finance.

The important thing to remember, is not to get it into your head that certain cards can only ever mean one thing. This is not true. For example, many readers would say the empress relates to pregnancy. How would you explain this to someone whom has been steralised and the chances of pregnancy happening are very very slim if at all? Its good to learn key words to remind yourself of the basic meanings, just dont tie yourself down to those meanings, keep your mind open.

Most of all, take your time, practise on everyone you know, and everyone you dont know. Ignore anyone telling you you are evil and so on for reading the cards and have fun.

foresttarotadmin Sun 25-Oct-09 11:59:55

I forgot to add, when you have learned the minor, a good exercise to do, is to take three random cards out of the deck and make a story with them. How could they relate to each other? What story could you create from their meanings? It will help you to not just learn to read the cards, but read them together as a whole.

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