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Why a recurring dream for 35 years!!!!! ?

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Cortina Sun 27-Sep-09 16:52:49

If anyone has any ideas or can shed any light on this I'd be grateful. Could it be something to do with a past life? (I am a sceptic but beginning to think there is more to this)? Cross posted as not sure where best to post.

For more than 35 years I have variations of the same dream most nights.

They involve the house and garden that I spent a lot of time at when I was growing up (a relative's house but not our family house). The house had been converted into flats and sat in large, mainly overgrown, but once stunning, parkland type grounds (I've only recently found out about this).

Usually the garden or house appear differently to how they do in real life. I dream that the house had various outbuildings and the grounds are landscaped differently (first when I was very young). Recently I've found that the house used to be a school in the nineteenth century and have seen photos for the first time that are spookily very similar to the images in my previous dreams. Not like the house appears in real life currently.

My dreams also involve another house not far away (Georgian). There was/is another I was unaware of that is closely connected with this house (recently been to an archive to look this up)! Again I have seen images in my dreams that match up to this other house.

The house often appears to be under threat, developers? The garden is sometimes ploughed up. My dreams take me far into the future - where mankind has almost died out and the garden is some sort of portal to another world/time travel portal thingy - and far into the past before man was on the planet almost. There's a disaster coming and people gather there as a place of sanctury, a last hope? There is a sense of fear and pain but magic and hope at the same time in the dreams.

I dreamt that there is something buried in a specific part of the gardens called a 'satanic arc' a sort of metal disc thing that is dangerous/powerful? (So vivid I could visit and dig)! In one dream I dug it up and there was an ominous rumble of thunder. I also dream that there are Victorian children's toys buried there (interesting as I only found out it was a school at this time very recently)! There is usually some sort of puzzle to solve in terms of the toys, that I don't understand. Usually about how to reach/find them in the garden, underground.

I see 'symbols' from the grounds that crop up in other seemingly unrelated dreams (the well, an urn, a statue). No real emotional pull about them though, just the house and garden dream breaking in on another dream.

It's as if I feel I am supposed to 'do' something about the dreams but I don't know what that is?

Often there are shops or a road flanks one side of the house. Often the garden has been destroyed in some way. Last night I dreamt the garden had been turned into a sort of beautiful marble mausoleum type/Taj Mahal type thing but did not exist in it's previous state. I often find that I drive along what is essentially a broad path in real life. The landscape changes, sometimes it is tennis courts or shops or the taj mahal type structure more recently!

The gardens are massive and unused and over grown but still lovely. I fear, in real life, that they are bound to be developed and built on sooner or later given where they are. A reason for dreams?

The road layout is always the same and runs by the house in a different way to how it does currently (again I think it did previously when I look at photos from the archive).

The house and grounds in real life have a very strange atmosphere. My brother and I used to remark as children that the atmosphere would sort of shift from day to day? Feeling almost sad or happy? Very hard to explain.

Another thing to mention is that there are unusual statues in the grounds. Unusual in that they depict ordinary type people - think they date from the 17th Century! One is a man with a cloth type cap, a dagger or scythe in his belt, hair over his collar at the back, boots and baggy trousers, a knotted hankerchief type tie at neck, and interestingly an arm bandaged up in a sling? A sort of peasant? Not usually the sort remembered as pear a statue at this time? A similar woman statue with hair scraped into a bun and a laced corset type dress with a sort of shrug type cape - not long - over the top.

When my relative lived there these were in pieces under the bushes but more recently someone has pieced them together so they look rather comical. I had always assumed they'd be greek mythical figures (like you see in 18th Century Parkland) but obviously not.

I found that there was once a prize winning gardener there who was featured in a nineteenth century article, his rhododendrons were the best in the world or something! Even now these survive and the colours are amazing. He left suddenly and the school closed quickly. No information available as to why it seems. This gardener shares the same surname as my mother's family who we didn't know but this is probably a coincidence.

In real life the house was built in the late 1700s (with later additions)but there has always been a building there of some sort it seems. Again only just found this out! What's interesting is my dreams are jumbled architecturally jumbled in this respect.

If anyone can suggest what's going on I'd be grateful. P.S.
Am entirely sane, or at least I think so!

Twinsmommy Sun 27-Sep-09 22:50:34

Wow. Can't offer any advice but was intrigued by your recurring dreams. Have you considered past-life regression? Would be interested to hear how you get/got on.

Cortina Mon 28-Sep-09 00:27:19

Yes am considering it but a little bit cynical? Thanks for the interest.

It's getting to the point where I can't ignore the dreams any longer.

Interestingly I had a palm reading once a few years ago in New Orleans. A woman next to a cart in a cobbled area on her own asked me if I wanted my palm read in New Orleans (this was spooky in itself as no one else around)!

One of the things she told me was never to get past life regression because of my past lives which were 'horrible' or something like that!

Twinsmommy Mon 28-Sep-09 13:10:49

Oh! Hmmm. But you're a bit cynical - right? So you don't really believe what she told you in New Orleans, do you?!!!

And equally, if you had past-life regression - would you really believe it?

I say it's worth a shot! You never know. You may find the answers you were looking for - "horrible" or not!!! And wouldn't that give you some peace at last?

Iklboo Mon 28-Sep-09 13:17:15

I dream about a beautiful bay at least once a week. As far as I know it's nowhere I've ever been. But as soon as I start dreaming about it I feel extremely peaceful and happy - even to the extent that I've thought (while asleep) 'Oh brilliant - it's my bay again'.
Different things happen, the weather changes, the tides change but I always feel the same. And when I wake up I feel great.

I'd be interested in hearing what happens if you do decide to do past life regression

Cortina Mon 28-Sep-09 13:31:02

The bay dream sounds wonderful. I've had the same thing when I know I am asleep but conscious somehow. I had a dream I went on a trip with some friends and said 'how funny that I will think this is a dream and yet here we are together'. It was as if we as humans can't fathom how things work exactly and I was laughing about it as it is actually quite simple. Does that make any sense?

Ok, re: past life regression I am probably more scared than anything else. I feel like there is something going on here.
I don't see how it can be too sinister.

I think that it might be there is something buried there that needs to be excavated? Interestingly it was the scene of a battle and they say that there is a mound with armour etc in the garden (I know where this is). Found this from looking in archive.

Could be about me burying stuff though?

Intrigued by the statues. I do think it's very odd you would have a stone, elaborate statue of an agricultural labourer type man with his arm in a makeshift sling? An obvious injury. He isn't a soldier. His belt with the scythe type thing is around his waist not over one shoulder and he has a shirt and neck tie thing on. Also long unkempt hair over his collar at the back and an unstructured fedora on his head.

The woman with the corseted type dress (laced bodice) might help me date them as I think she'd be form the same sort of period. What could that be? Thanks!

maidenvoyage Sat 31-Oct-09 00:22:22

Am not a regular poster but came across this and have to tell u what happened to me. When I was younger used to have a dream of running down a glass corridor and getting to the end and there was a brick wall.
Remember kicking it and screaming. Mum used to say to me " it will come true one day"

Lot of years later, my mum was dying in hospital, and I walked out of intensive care and freaked, ran down a glass corridor of the hospital and got to the end and literally ran into a brick wall. The nurse ran after me and held me while I kicked and kicked the wall. Since that time I have certain dreams that come true. Not scared by them just intrigued

Cortina Mon 02-Nov-09 15:24:20

How chilling, that sent shivers down my spine. Sorry to hear about your Mum.

I've also had the dream come true thing, but it happened really only in childhood. I used to dream that I'd meet two lads in the park and what their names would be and it would happen, and so on. Only ever trivial and then it seemed to stop.

Latest house and garden dream, it just goes on, and on! If anyone has any insight would love to know!:

There's a clock tower on the stables and in this dream it sort of stands alone and is the entrance to common ground or the entrance to the village. (There is a common very close by). It's the eighteenth century or thereabouts and kids are playing. The house is nowhere to be seen. This clock tower is a sort of key to what I am supposed to unravel (message in the dream)? What once was?

More recently the house had sort of heaped grounds. One very large mound/hill rather than the grounds IRL.

Again the other night the house had sort of spilled it's confines and the 'original' balcony and stairs were exposed in the middle of the lawn. The architectural styles, and actual houses as they really were I think IRL over the centuries, were fighting for prominence.

flakecake Mon 02-Nov-09 17:57:51

maybe you should contact a sleep clinic where they monitor you over a period of time. It seems to me you are getting some sort of message? What do you think?

bloss Mon 02-Nov-09 18:09:49

Message withdrawn

questioneverything Sun 08-Nov-09 17:35:43

I would but your post is just to long.

ZephirineDrouhin Sun 08-Nov-09 17:51:14

I have grown to hate flying dreams. Every time it happens I get really excited and think "that definitely wasn't a dream that time, I definitly really can fly". It's so frustrating.

(I always fly breaststroke in my dreams - does anyone else do this?)

OP, I think this house fascinated you as a child and became a focus for your imagination, and thus part of your dream landscape. But I'm sure the past life regression thing would be a laugh so worth a try anyway.

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