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Im going to see Lisa Williams live on Tuesday night

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Disenchanted3 Mon 14-Sep-09 10:06:59

with my aunt and mum.

Am excited grin

Disenchanted3 Mon 14-Sep-09 10:16:51

no one going to go'ooooo'

? <hmph>

DippyDino Mon 14-Sep-09 23:06:12

Oooooooo-h!Have seen her on the telly, she seems really sweet.

I am a budding medium and even I am not sure 'how' I get my information - am I getting it from people who have passed on, or telepathically reading my client? I know which I think it is, but it can very from person to person.

Will check back to see how it went.

Is there anyone that you are hoping to hear from?

Disenchanted3 Tue 15-Sep-09 00:35:54

My grandad passed in March and my uncle died a few weeks ago

My mum is definatly hoping to hear from her dad again, shes already spoken to him once through a medium

Disenchanted3 Wed 16-Sep-09 09:27:36

Oh she was sooo good!

No reading for us but it was a fabulous night, I met her and she signed my book, shes genuinly lovely!


DippyDino Thu 17-Sep-09 14:12:02

Sorry you didn't get a personal message, still sounds like you really enjoyed it though.

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