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Slightly nervous. It is election day, and Church Elections are a big thing, My name is on the list of candidates

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QuintessentialShadows Mon 14-Sep-09 09:15:12

I am literally biting my nails off.

When I was offered a place on the Church Council, I did not know it was such a big thing. The candidates have been presented in the press, and as everybody goes to vote on the parliamental elections, they get their card to vote on the members of the Church Council too. I am only standing for my local parish, for the Parish Church Council but I am nervous.

But hey, if I dont get a place, then fair enough. I am new to the neighbourhood, and cant expect a bunch of strangers to vote for me.

The fact that I did this in London makes a great difference to the clergy, though.

fishie Mon 14-Sep-09 09:17:45

is it like pcc here? Have you been campaigning?

morningpaper Mon 14-Sep-09 09:19:03

Good luck QS. Where are you? What kind of council is it?

QuintessentialShadows Mon 14-Sep-09 09:22:44

I have not been campaigning. Other than talking to the people in the street, or other people who have asked.

I did not realise it was such a big thing. I went to a toddler group at the Church hall a year ago, and the leader told me the group was closing due to lack of funding, and I was telling her about how such clubs are run in London, and we got talking about my work for my old Parish Church, fund raising etc. Not long after the vicar called me....

MP I am in Norway.
On the one hand I feel I should have pulled out, I dont know this parish and this Church well enough. However, I do know what I want and expect from and in a church, but that is not unusual.

morningpaper Mon 14-Sep-09 09:23:39

Blimey how stressful! I wouldn't have expected it to be a big thing either.

Good luck!

QuintessentialShadows Mon 14-Sep-09 09:26:34

grin when I said street, I meant MY street. I have not been walking around town canvassing people in the street.

Pictures self with big cardboard sign "VOTE FOR QS" wink

morningpaper Mon 14-Sep-09 17:38:18

How did it go?

QuintessentialShadows Mon 14-Sep-09 19:43:03

I have no idea. It is nationalized. Voting closed at 8pm. As it is tied in with general elections, I guess everything will be known in the morning. Thanks for asking. smile

morningpaper Mon 14-Sep-09 20:15:19

Blimey! How nerve-wracking? (racking?)

Good luck!

QuintessentialShadows Thu 17-Sep-09 08:52:31

I cant believe it, I am in.....

MaryBS Thu 17-Sep-09 09:46:19


MadHairDay Thu 17-Sep-09 11:09:54

Well done! Sounds a scary process.

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