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what direction to go in?

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sparkle09 Sun 06-Sep-09 17:14:01

im feeling quite low at the moment as 3 years ago this month a friend lost her 2 year old dc then i caught DP kissing his best mates wife a couple of days later (im stiil with him now), then later that month my mother stopped answering my calls and havent heard from her since.

i am feeling very teary and useless at the mo and started looking at picturs of angels online, now ive never been hugely religious but has an open mind to it. i am also very unsure and confused of what to believe in,

i have had my dc christened at out local church but i dont really like it when they say they love jesus over and over. so im put of going, but i like the idea that it could give me some comfort.

is there anything out there which is less worshipy and more comforting and supporting?

MaryBS Mon 07-Sep-09 09:10:47

I'm not sure what the church you attended was like, but many ministers will give pastoral care and support at difficult times, without too much of the "hard sell" that you are worried about. You can just phone up and make an appointment to talk.

Or are you looking for something more regular and part of a community? Perhaps something like the Quakers?

Mouette Mon 07-Sep-09 11:29:25

Hi sparkle
I had to try quite a few churches before finding one that suited me. There are plenty of them out there, and they're all very different. You could try going to a few, of various denominations, to see what they're like. I found comfort in difficult times from praying - doesn't matter if you're not sure whether to believe in God or not, because He will listen no matter what. I find also that being close to nature (garden or park), in a quiet place, helps me to relax and is comforting.
You could try a retreat in a monastery/convent. They don't do hard sell, but peace and quiet and a listening ear.
I heartily recommend a book: "The Case for God" by Karen Armstrong. No selling a particular religion, just a thoughful look at how people think of God. Very interesting. I would also recommend reading the Gospels - or if you only have time, the Gospel according to St Mark.
Finally: Jesus didn't go around saying "love me, love me" he said "love thy neighbour". Lots of people get a lot from getting involved with a charity (not necessarily religious).
Hope those few ideas are helpful - I pray you may find the comfort and peace you seek. I have found great peace and joy in faith and my church, it was a great comfort especailly when I lost my first baby last year. xx

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