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past life regression ,anyone had it where do i find out about it.?

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almostanangel Sun 29-May-05 13:35:02

thank needed for research

tiffini Sun 29-May-05 13:43:25


almostanangel Sun 29-May-05 13:49:18

thanks tiffini i have read lots of sites but i wanted either someone who has had one and can recommend someone or someone who actully does this.

almostanangel Sun 29-May-05 13:49:46

just realised diddnt make that clear in title sorry

jampots Sun 29-May-05 14:00:11

do you think you've had a past life AAA?

almostanangel Sun 29-May-05 14:02:46

absoluty! but thats not why im interested im writing a book and need to see how its done so as not to affend any one when the book is published [heres hoping lol

jampots Sun 29-May-05 14:07:17

tell us about your past life then? and how did you come to that conclusion.

almostanangel Sun 29-May-05 14:08:19

nah you will have to read the book

jampots Sun 29-May-05 14:09:02


almostanangel Sun 29-May-05 14:09:21

only kidding the book has regression in it and as i havent myself had it done i need first hand info or to get it done myself

almostanangel Sun 29-May-05 14:09:30


almostanangel Sun 29-May-05 15:51:14


SaintGeorge Sun 29-May-05 18:08:08

email me AAA, I've had it done.

antlxstew @

almostanangel Sun 29-May-05 18:11:51

george your a saint

SaintGeorge Sun 29-May-05 18:15:13

Oh very funny

almostanangel Sun 29-May-05 18:18:51

can you check your email address below my email wont send.thank you

almostanangel Sun 29-May-05 18:19:48

ah got it it didnt like the gaps lol

SaintGeorge Sun 29-May-05 18:32:29

Sorry, I do normally remember to say remove spaces

Have replied to your mail.

almostanangel Sun 29-May-05 18:35:10

thanks! have replied back and as regards to other books can you give me some titles so i can check my idea isnt too close for comfort i really appreciate
your time ,

SaintGeorge Sun 29-May-05 22:00:51

aaa - haven't forgotten promised email but it might have to be tomorrow. Boys have been playing up all night and haven't had a chance to do it yet.

almostanangel Mon 30-May-05 11:42:32

sg thank you ..what a great email to start the day with ! am truly facinated now i appreciate your time.AAA x

almostanangel Mon 30-May-05 16:53:03

sj ...thanks have been a great help at least i have a better idea of the process now.

Chandra Mon 30-May-05 17:03:50

I was about to suggest to contact s but I seem I'm late

SaintGeorge Mon 30-May-05 17:05:38

No problems aaa, keep in touch if I can be of any more help.

I will try to persuade mum to put her experience down on paper too and also try to chat to the hypnotist for you

almostanangel Mon 30-May-05 17:08:09

where is she based?

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