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What time do church services start?

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LoveMyGirls Sat 08-Aug-09 10:19:25

We're going tomorrow to hear our Banns being read but I have no idea what time we need to be there for, do churchs all start at the same time? I used to be a regular church attender and I seem to remember it starting at about 9.30 - 10am?


FAQtothefuture Sat 08-Aug-09 10:20:31

ours starts at 10, could be anything from 8.30-11am..........I'd ring and check - or see if they have a website smile

expatinscotland Sat 08-Aug-09 10:26:39

too early for my lazy arse. i leave it to FAQ, but she probably gets paid for going .

noodlesoup Sat 08-Aug-09 10:36:08

We have one priest for 2 parishes so we have one at 9am in one church and one at 10.30 in the other. Guess which one everyone goes to grin.

FAQtothefuture Sat 08-Aug-09 10:37:16

grin expat - you know sometimes I get the evenings off (I have told them that I'm now available for evening services again - but they keep finding someone to cover for me - and I go and still get paid wink).

Although it's a monthly payment so it covers all my music stuff at the church grin

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