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thought for today

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gothicmama Mon 23-May-05 19:15:15

Is it possible to think of someone you knew and wish to see them and then see them again or is it coincidence when you do.
If it's not coincidence what can you do to have greater odds of it happening

ChaCha Mon 23-May-05 21:01:22

What an interesting subject!! I'm interested to know people's views on this. This used to happen to me at times when I was it fate/destiny. Have you read 'The Alchemist'? Do you remember when in Morocco everything was said to be 'maktoob' or written - I believe very much so....

gothicmama Tue 24-May-05 16:02:36

That's a different way of looking at it - I was thinking of teh celestine phrophecies

Papillon Tue 24-May-05 16:47:59

so many ways to look and see

hello gothicmama - nice to see you here.. must be holiday time! So you are thinking clestine thoughts atm Do you have someone you wish to see perhaps?

I feel the more one manifests life and recognition, especially when combined with a spiritually open way, then the joy and beauty life has to offer gives in return. The cyclical nature of energy rebounding in a more directional manner.

gothicmama Tue 24-May-05 19:07:55

Oh wise Paps yes holidays are here again and there is someone I would like to see and talk to so if you have any thoughts let me know - Hopefully we can catch up on MSN soon xx

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