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Muslim mums where are you?????

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Slink Mon 23-May-05 12:33:34

Hi thought there were a few around. Would like to see if i am right?????????

ChaCha Mon 23-May-05 12:47:15

Not quite yet a mum..but inshallah on the way to being one

Slink Mon 23-May-05 15:29:23

Salaam GREAT when are you due??? you are a mum as soon as you find out i say. My dd is 4 and beautiful... of course i will say that

Were abouts are you?

ChaCha Mon 23-May-05 15:51:09

Hi Slink/Salam,
I'm due November InshaAllah. I'm 29, live in the South-East, currently a teacher with about a month and a half to go until i stop working. You?

saadia Mon 23-May-05 15:53:47

Salaam ChaCha and Slink. I am also a Muslim mum (alhamdulillah), with two boys aged 3yrs and 14mths.

march29 Mon 23-May-05 16:38:49

salaam all and saadia (thought i might find you here) i am a muslim mum too.... feels nice to say that with a boy 8 weeks old (mashallah)

Slink Mon 23-May-05 18:07:40

hey great, well i live in west london, have a dd 4yrs (last week) bless. I am 34.

I have to be honest and say that i rebelled against the religon during my teenage years. AT the moment i am learning the religon from scratch to teach my dd and we are staring to pray.
One of the reasons i wanted to know if anyone was out there for some advice and support. My dh fantasic guy but has no idea, don't really know too many muslim families here (with young children) and the ones i do know wont speck to me or don't socialise.

So thats me what about everyone else. (yes i love to talk and talk can you tell)

ChaCha Mon 23-May-05 18:16:21

Salam all,
Slink - same story as myself. Have been practising Islam for about 4-5 years now. I was brought up in West London - Latimer Road to be precise (Ladbroke Grove)...where are you?

Slink Mon 23-May-05 18:22:39

I am in Southall, i live with my mil ans she is very little help. I have alot of reading material and speck Urdu with my dd (not great)and we talk alot about "Allah" and she is craving so much information.

ChaCha Mon 23-May-05 18:35:31

Salam Slink,
Are there no classes that you can take your DD to in the local mosque/school? I can imagine it's a little difficult with no support - what about other mums in your area, none?
Your DD might enjoy (as you may)these new nasheeds that are out on CD - do you have any? Makes for a good Islamic style sing-song.
I don't speak/know any Urdu, but great the DD is learning second language

Slink Mon 23-May-05 19:38:51

Salaam chacha i have the quran on cd which we put on the computer and it all comes up, w also say calmas everynight(have always done that though).

Mosques won't take her till 5 plus i am not happy about that(the social worker in me i think)

There is a Ssunday class which i know about and may go this week. Other mums like i said no, have once very close muslim friend known her for a long time never judges me has been great.

How did you start to teach yourself?
What age group do you teach?
I am doing a change of career in to preschool teaching.
Love to talk me .......

ChaCha Mon 23-May-05 21:10:23

Salam Slink,
Hmmm..I started finding interest in Islam during my early twenties, the first book I read was the 'Ihya Ulum al-Din' by Imam al-Ghazali translated by T.J Winters (Abdul Hakim Murad). It opened my eyes to death, dying the afterlife etc.. and it was like my manual if i can call it that for a couple of years. I had some good friends who helped me practise and slowly but surely doors opened. Gosh, could talk about this forever. That is really what brought me to Islam - I couldn't just accept that we've been created to live these lives and then just die!!! Look at this verse from the Quran: *We are not created in jest and we will return to God [Qur'an 23:115]*. I better stop here

Anyhow, I teach secondary 12 - 15 year olds.
Talk soon, salam x

saadia Mon 23-May-05 22:47:29

Slink, it might also be an idea to talk to your dd about the life of the Prophet (pbuh). I know there are a lot of books on this subject aimed at children but I'm afraid I don't really know where to get them. You could even just relate stories from Martin Ling's biography of the Prophet (pbuh).

The reason I say this is because that is how my mother introduced Islam to us, telling about the Prophet's (pbuh) childhood and how he spread Islam and I remember it did have a big impact on me, and made everything much easier to understand and, from a child's point of view, more interesting. That is how I plan to tell my dss.

Also, if you don't already do this, you could just bring into the daily conversation with your dd that Allah made the moon, stars, clouds etc, that Allah is very kind etc. This is what I do with ds1 who is 3 so that it becomes normal for him to think in this way.

Salaam march29, hope little one is OK.

Slink Tue 24-May-05 10:05:10

Hi to all i do alot of that already, we talk about Allah and we have mant stories so i guess i am doing ok with that, she is a very bright young girl. My dad prays and she always prays with him, it is just that one day she said to him i don't want to coz mama and dadddy don't do it, my dad never said anything but it upset me which is why i am now on the road to doing more than just saying "i am a muslim"

Thank you all.
Anyone near me ???

saadia Tue 24-May-05 19:12:06

That's very good Slink, I am sure that you will Inshallah succeed. I know what you mean though. My main concern for my dss is not just that they are Muslim, but that they are firm believers, but I think the most important thing we can do is pray that Allah shows us all and our children the Right way.

Slink Tue 24-May-05 19:33:50

Do any of you meet up???

Halzer Sun 29-May-05 15:49:41

Salam all..

I am also Muslim and I converted at age 17 ( I am now 28..)
I have a dd age 2 and a 4 month old ds.
My inlaws are from Bangladesh and their Islamic knowledge is often entwined with Hindu traditions so I get my info from books and this great website for muslim women.
Its well worth checking out.
Anyway..would love to chat to others in a similar situation

saadia Sun 29-May-05 16:37:36

Salaam Halzer, welcome to MN. I am also a Muslim, but was born into it. There was a thread last week by someone like you who converted - she was called JuJuMoo, if you want to search the archives.

I think you're right that very often people get confused and can't differentiate between Islam and their own cultural background, but it's good that you're seeking things out for yourself.

Slink Tue 14-Jun-05 18:26:42


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