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Christening Dress for 12 month old girl

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Lori73 Sun 26-Jul-09 06:05:20

Could anyone please suggest anywhere selling dresses that are not just for infants but suitable for a little girl who is walking? I live in London but any on-line stores elsewhere in the UK would be fine. thanks!

oopsacoconut Sun 26-Jul-09 06:36:16

HAve you tried just looking for christening dresses here do them and we got DD's from here

spookycharlotte121 Sun 26-Jul-09 06:42:39

monsoon do lovely dresses as do next. hth

BlueKangerooWonders Sun 26-Jul-09 06:58:01

I'd second the Monsoon idea. just avoid silk or satin as it's v slippery for the parents or vicar (you don't want dd to end up on the floor at the crucial time!) J.ojo maman bebe also do really nice 'occasion' dresses

Tommy Sun 26-Jul-09 12:40:13


sweetkitty Sun 26-Jul-09 12:57:29

We got ours from next, BHS also do some lovely special dresses.

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