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Novena to St Jude

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grouchyoscar Fri 24-Jul-09 14:29:38

I hope Iam doing the right thing here (total agnostic here) I have no intention to offend or upset anyone.

St Jude was appealled to on my behalf to aid my (estranged) mother through a difficult time. Within a week of this, my mother seemed to be handling her situation 'better'

I reported this improvement to the lady who did this and she told me that St Jude must be acknowledged for his divine work. So this is my clumsy way of saying 'ThankYou' to a higher power for his intervention in this matter.

Thank you for reading this

Tommy Fri 24-Jul-09 22:49:28

we always said that St Jude was the patron Saint of our family (he is "hopeless cases" grin)

You haven't upset or offended me (committed Catholic) - i find it quite amusing that superstition/religion are stil so closely bound up!!


(glad to hear your Mum is handling her situation better - whether that be thanks to St Jude or whatever smile)

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