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Choosing godparents - same again or brand new ones?

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happyflower Wed 08-Jul-09 10:06:56

My dd was baptised and her two godparents are two close friends of mine (one catholic, one baptist, both believers). Now we're thinking about dd2. My first reaction was to ask both of them again, however my mother thinks that we should have different godparents (relatives).
So is it common/normal to have the same godparents for both kids or am I just being lazy?

My feeling is that (as someone else mentioned on another thread) it's nice having friends as godparents since family are already special. My concern is that my dd will have these godparents(godmother has children the same age as our two and godfather visits and sends gifts at Christmas/birthday) who come to visit and send presents etc. so if we choose other godparents 2nd dd might be getting 2nd best. Also if they are relatives she'll get fewer gifts which would be good from our perspective but she might find it a bit unfair (sounds a bit mercenary, but she might feel a bit hard done by).

Hulababy Wed 08-Jul-09 10:11:09

I agree with you that it is lovely to have friends as godparents. I see it as extending the children's family circle. Family like aunts, uncles, etc already have a special role.

However, pretty much all the people I know do have different godparents for their children.

We chose DD's godparents based on who we wanted at the time, 7 years ago. If we ever do manage to have a second child we will chose 4 new godparents her that child, based on relationships at that time. They are not second best, just reflect different times This is depsite still being good friends with DD's godparents.

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