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The new moon of May is a celebration of blossoms, growth

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Papillon Mon 09-May-05 14:09:43

The new moon of May is a celebration of blossoms, growth, the extraordinary presentation of the beauty of nature and all of the seeds that you have sown. Before the warmth of summer and the joy of sun and light and the secrets of life that unfold in this season, look at your mind and look at how the mind is the only pretender. Only your mind pretends that you are sufficient unto yourself. The thing that is missing so often, I find, is that we don't understand that we are not our mind. We are complete unto ourselves if we are true to ourselves, if we manage to be who we truly are and not what our ego wishes us to be. If anything is to be sacrificed it is the feeling or the misplaced knowledge that we are our mind. The knowing of the Great Spirit is the knowing of your true self.

Nature is the expression of the totality of being. Summer is a time of delight and joy and sun. Now life becomes more comprehensible. You begin to understand and sing your song. Listen to the harmonics of nature and the universe blending. As you trim the flowers in your garden do the same with your own spirit. Trim those blossoms and place them into the vase of your soul. Enjoy them and observe how quickly they are gone. There are new blossoms but not forever. Change is always upon us. The unknown presents itself soon. The beauty of this is your opportunity to grow anew. Be very careful about seeing clearly what you have planted and if it truly pleases you. You have created free will. You can change what disappoints you and does not fulfill you. This is your life, a sacred gift to you from Spirit. Make this life your garden, your experience, as you wish. Everything in this life is the result of how you thought it into existence. So this month is about the responsibility that you have for your life. Look at that carefully and walk in beauty all the days of your life.

This so beautiful to me, I had to share.

Blessings, Paps

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