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Christening Gown Query

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ChocFridgeCake Sun 10-May-09 13:17:51

Please can anyone advise what the correct and most traditional attire for a baby boy to wear for their own Christening?

Is a Christening gown appropriate for boy as well as girl, or are boys meant to be in a "romper suit" type outfit.

(Baby boy is 5/6mo).

BetsyBoop Sun 10-May-09 18:00:49

we have a family christening gown used by the past 5 generations at least, both by boys & girls, if that helps, so certainly a tradition in our family

AMumInScotland Sun 10-May-09 18:14:00

Christening gowns are traditional for both boys and girls, but not everyone these days uses one (even for girls!). So, feel free to use something else if you'd rather, but the gown is the traditional thing.

GentleOtter Sun 10-May-09 18:17:50

We have a 'nightie' style long ancient gown but there was also a 'shortening' gown that the Christened child wore after he was Christened. It was not as long as the Christening gown.
The baby would also be happed up in a special shawl.

crokky Sun 10-May-09 18:20:56

I just got DS and DD christened in their ordinary clothes.

John Lewis have boys' christening outfits in a separate section - so I presume this is what is traditional/correct...

ChocFridgeCake Sun 10-May-09 19:34:32

Thanks for your replies.

I'd really like a traditional long nightie style gown that can be worn by any future DC's (boys or girls) and even for it to be passed on (if my DC(s) would want it! I suppose I want to create an heirloom piece, either bought or (gulp) handmade by me. Would make it a simple style ie no frills or lace, just pintucks for decoration, in ivory silk.

I have seen the lovely romper suits for boys in JL but they are obviously only suitable for boys and I just love the traditional long gowns and bonnets.

Given that there are now romper suits for boys I wondered if people might think it a bit odd for a boy to be wearing a traditional long gown these days. I think it would not be right on a crawling/cruising LO (esp on a boy more than a girl) but at age 5/6mo at the time of the christening this won't be the case, unless of course I have an wonder kid on my hands grin

BetsyBoop Sun 10-May-09 22:38:33

Handy tip - if you want it to be an heirloom piece make sure it's big enough wink

for our family one you have about 3 months to get the LO christened or they don't stand a chance of fitting in it.

As it happens we've decided not to christen our LOs & to let them decide when they are older, good job too as I'm not sure 10lb11oz-at-birth DS would have EVER fitted in the family gown grin

(ours is a the long "nightie" style one too. White cotton with pintucks & a bit of lace, quite plain really, but lovely )

ChocFridgeCake Mon 11-May-09 09:36:03

Yes, that's a good idea Betsy!

If I get/make one in a size 3-6m then it gives a bit of leeway.

No way am I ready to have a Christening now, I'm still in maternity wear for one and want to shed a stone before unleashing myself on a group armed with cameras grin

What about bonnets? Would anyone bother or not?

jemart Fri 21-Aug-09 23:22:02

Bonnets are pretty, depends on how much hair your baby has though - my dd had a full head of hair and looked so lovely I didn't want to cover it up with a hat.

sasamaxx Fri 21-Aug-09 23:25:13

We used an heirloom gown on DS - complete with veil. Looked lovely!

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