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Has anyone heard of the community church cos I'm not very happy there really

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sheepgomeep Fri 08-May-09 23:53:30

Ok this might be a bit rambly but I really need some advice.

last year I got lots of debt help from The Christians against Poverty (CAP), I'mn still with them now, they have been and still are fantastic. They stopped us from losing our home and fed us for a week as we were really really desperate, we had bailiffs calling to the door amongst other things.

The CAP affiliated themselves with a local church 'The Community Church' and after a chat with a few of the volunteers I decided to go to a sunday srevice there to see what is was all about.

I was brought CofE although my parents never went but my primary school was CofE and I used to love the assemblies, the prayers and the hymns, the vicar and the times we used to have services in the church I found very peaceful. God has always been a part of my life, although not in an organised way iyswim which is why I felt the time was right last year to pick up my faith.

Iv found the whole experience very uncomfortable from the word go. There are non traditional hymn singing in fact there are no hyms it all modern christian songs and its all very happy clapping and lots of people falling to thier knees and muttering in tongues (fine if it works for you, I'm not dispresecting it)

There is also no vicar or pastor. When I asked who did the sermons I was told that the church leaders did the sermons and I just got the impression that it was a free for all.

they are also very very pushy. Iv been to a couple of soaking and prayer meetings at one ladies house which I did quite like but I can't go that often due to work commitments. Since them Iv had a couple of the leaders ringing me up asking me why I can't go to church some sundays and when they would next expect me. One in particular asked if I could explain to asda (where I work) that I go church and could they change my shifts so I could go!!! My children arent at all easy with going either because the first time I took them they came out of sunday school creche thing brandishing something they'd made with the words 'you are forgiven' on the back that someone had written. My ds was quite upset because he thought he'd done something wrong.

I got prayed over well the lady called it prophesised and God wanted to speak to me through her and then she came out with this weird stuff about my past, my feelings etc. A lot of it was true but then she kept saying that if I dont dedicate my life to jesus NOW then God will withdraw from my life and the bad stuff will just start up again.

Is this true, can someone enlighten me? because this experience threw me completely (as I think it was designed to do) I ended being pushed into making a commitment that didn't feel right and then 2 days later (today) I got a card in the post from the church from the asda fella saying we are so glad you have become a born again christian and do I want to get baptised on sunday!!

I do believe, but I want to do it in my own time, Iv got a bible that I do read and find comfort from but I feel so lost and this church isn't helping me.

I do feel obligated to stay with this church because of thier heavy involvement with CAP and my CAP debt councillor is one of the leaders and many people have been very nice 1 has become a good friend but argggg what do I do.

I live in North Wales so no chance of a CofE church and I know nothing about church of wales.


someone please reply.

Italiangreyhound Thu 27-Jun-13 17:38:14

That should read "...are NOT in agreement! "

Ghostsgowoooh Mon 08-Jul-13 15:32:00

Blimey I am the op! I have name changed since then

I did end up leaving the church but I still havent found anywhere to go. Its quite difficult with the kids as they dont want to go.

Ghostsgowoooh Mon 08-Jul-13 15:41:12

Carri. I nearly fell down with shock when i read you are part of wrexhams community church. I am wondering if I do in fact know you. I did leave the church and I also left cap around the same time as I fell out with my advisor from Bradford.

Im back with cap now and ive been asked if I want to attend church again. I really don't know if I should try again.

reggiebean Mon 08-Jul-13 15:50:52

We have a Community Church where I'm from (US), and they're meant to be non-denominational. It's one of the (many) churches I was raised in, and while I don't think they're a cult, they are definitely very high pressure, mainly because there is such a focus on "being a church to the un-churched" and trying to welcome new people into the church.

As a bit of a separate point, I was never able to get an answer on this, but I'd be curious to hear what they said to you if you asked. In the bible, it says that you shouldn't speak in tongues in front of those who aren't believers or those who aren't qualified to translate (depending on which version you read). I think it does absolutely make those who aren't familiar with it very, very uncomfortable, and I wonder what their reasoning is for allowing it in a church when they know that there are non-believers there?

kthsalter Fri 25-Jul-14 10:14:00

Just found this because I was looking for something else!
Don't know if you have sorted this out, but I could recommend Gateway Church which is part of a large organisation (New Frontiers), which is really good, and not at all pushy.


Hi see this is zombie thread but hey ho i first became a christian in a pentecostal church what you describe is the reason i left there and moved on even tried to push me into getting baptised but my parents felt i was too young to make the right choice and i am glad they said no.
then because then after that it got worse they even told me not to listen to pop music or wear short skirts a real church shouldnt be like that. There will be churches like this you just have to move around churches until you feel comfortable somewhere. CAP are a brilliant organisation but dont feel pressured to go to the church they run from. i always think its good, for someones faith to be comfortable and accepted rather than pushed to do things and not look forward to Sunday mornings x

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