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Paganism/ Wicca

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mumof2teenboys Fri 27-Mar-09 13:37:31

Hi I know that this has probably been done before but I cant find anything relevant.
I am very interested in Paganism/ Wicca, I would like to learn more because I have always had an affinity with what i understand to be the beliefs of both to some extent.
What I suppose I'm asking for is recommmendations of reading matter, advice, information etc.
My e-mail addy is
I'm not asking for any other reason than a genuine need to be enlightened by people in the know.

Thanks in advance
Mo xxx

mumof2teenboys Fri 27-Mar-09 13:39:04

Sorry e-mail addy didint work its mo(underscore)robinson(underscore)

Iklboo Fri 27-Mar-09 13:41:52

Think St George is the resident expert isn't she? (apologies if not, but I thought I remember her mentioning it)

faeriefruitcake Fri 27-Mar-09 18:38:53

Hedgewitch by Rae Beth is good if you are a solitary practitioner.

Or get Pagen Dawn by the Pagan Federation

I also enjoyed Book of Shadows by Phyllis W Curott for all its Americanisms

TheHedgeWitch Fri 27-Mar-09 19:37:59

Message withdrawn

mumof2teenboys Sat 28-Mar-09 10:51:36

thanks will look out for them xx

madamekoto Sat 28-Mar-09 11:30:39

Sophia Goddess of Wisdom by Caitlin Matthews is a very interesting read and another vote for Rae Beth. smile

Cailleachna Mon 06-Apr-09 11:55:41

Scott Cunningham good, Caitlin Matthews good. I always liked Doreen Valiente when I was a bit younger but you need a good bull*t detector for some of the heavily Gardnerian / Alexandrian stuff. The Pagan Federation website is great for pointers.

Is it specifically Wicca you're interested in? I know a bit more about Druid-influenced paganism (and earth-based, grow-your-own type spirituality) if that's of any use...

mumof2teenboys Wed 08-Apr-09 12:02:51

I'm not really sure what it is that I'm interested in. I'm curious about spirituality and how it can 'fit' questions that conventional religion don't answer for me. iyswim.
I do feel 'drawn' to the concept of earth-based stuff.
I believe that we need to respect the earth and all nature.
I don't believe that there is an all-powerful, benevolent being that can then do/cause the things that happen.
I think that we make our own choices and have to live with the results whether good or bad. I'm not sure that 'god' is responsible for the way our lives turn out.
I'm looking for advice and answers to these points and so many more! Paganism/Wicca seem (from what I've read) to be more in tune with my own internal belief system. But I would like to know more before I make any statement as to what I believe. Does anyone know what I mean?

Cailleachna Wed 08-Apr-09 14:50:07

Absolutely, and who ever said you had to make a definitive statement about your beliefs? They are inevitably affected by your life experience, which is changing all the time.

justaboutback Wed 08-Apr-09 14:51:40

Message withdrawn

Earthymama Wed 22-Apr-09 22:08:59

Starhawk for 'academic' and really deeply thought out guidance. Spiral dance

Starhawk for storytelling incorporating her beliefs Inspiring

Shekinah for an course to follow how to

Everyday affirmations by Sirona my favourite at the mo

spiderlight Sat 16-May-09 23:34:10

Emma Restall Orr's books are very good from the Druid perspective. I'd also recommend Starhawk, Rae Beth, Margot Adler and Marian Green.

dawntigga Sun 24-May-09 12:14:44

Backing up the Scott Cuningham recomendationst but adding you don't have to be Wiccan to:

Practice the craft
Be Pagan

There are many paths I'd advise you to explore as many as possible before settling on one. Also, you may find that you change path mid stream to mix my metaphores This is more than ok as most Pagans won't tell you what your path is or how you should get there - ask any 10 Pagans the same question you'll get 12 different answers and they will all be right shock!


FairySparkles Thu 18-Jun-09 21:41:11

Your interests and beliefs seem pretty similar to mine; I have always felt drawn towards the earth, nature, fairies and magic so just thought I'd mention Doreen Virtue's books, she is an angel therapist type person but her books do not follow any specific religion and welcome all faiths - I've found she's answered a lot of my questions - especially the book 'messages from your angels'.
To be honest your instinct is the best guide for you to follow;
out of all the books people have just suggested - go with the 1 or 2 that immediately jumped out at you as they will most probably have the answers you are looking for smile

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