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Can anyone recommend any good Christian parenting books?

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AppleAndBlackberry Wed 04-Feb-09 09:10:20

That's it really, or any to avoid. I'm currently pregnant with my first so I guess I don't really need anything on teenagers just yet.

Thanks in advance!

Niecie Wed 04-Feb-09 12:32:14

I was leant a book by a friend a long time ago which she raved about. I have dipped into it a bit and found it useful, if a little American.

It was called 'Different Children, Different Needs' by Charles Boyd.

It talks about different parenting styles and how they interact which the different personalities of individual children.

Might be worth a look if you can get it cheap/borrow if from a library.

Northernlurker Wed 04-Feb-09 12:41:26

There's an organisation called care for the family. The founder rob parsons has written quite a lot of parenting/relationship type books I think.

Niecie Wed 04-Feb-09 12:50:50

I have been wracking my brains about the name of the other Christian parenting book author and it has finally come to me.

Steve Chalke.

I read on of his on toddlers ages ago and it was good. It wasn't overly Christian iykwim but he is a Christian writer so there was some reference to faith, iirc.

nellyup Wed 04-Feb-09 13:04:46

Daring to be Different by Sarah Johnson is good

CarGirl Wed 04-Feb-09 13:09:44

Power of a praying parent by Stormie Omartian ISBN 1-84291-294-1

mersmam Wed 04-Feb-09 13:22:47

Definitely agree with 'Daring to be different' by Sarah Johnson.

Also, 'Good children' by Lynette Burrows.

Two good motivational books for mothers (which do not give parenting advice specifically'):

'Your vocation of love' by Agnes M. Penny (she has also written a great one for expectant monthers, 'Your labour of love' which might be good for you now!)
These books are not widely available but I got mine here:

My absolute favourite:
'A mother's rule of life' by Holly Pierlot. The website will give you an idea of what this is about.


AppleAndBlackberry Wed 04-Feb-09 15:47:47

Thanks everyone! I have ordered 3 of your recommendations second hand from Amazon to get a good range smile

mumofdjandbabies Wed 04-Feb-09 15:49:34

tim la haye books are meant to be good!

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