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Going to my first class tonight and so so nervous

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religiousroundabout Wed 28-Jan-09 15:51:29

I'm going to my first meditation/buddhist class tonight.

I am very very nervous about walking into a room of complete strangers and don't know what to expect etc.


PuzzleRocks Wed 28-Jan-09 16:46:17

Good luck.

katiek123 Wed 28-Jan-09 17:00:06

it will be FINE! i went on a 6 week course two years ago and loved it. the group was wonderfully supportive of each other and the atmosphere so calm and warm that there really wasn't any need to feel nervous even on day one. good luck! xxx

Lovemyshoes Wed 28-Jan-09 17:51:24

I must admit I'm getting nervous and debating whether to go or not, I think the worst thing is thinking about going in on my own.

I don't think this is a course, I think it is a class that is held every week.

(Can't be bothered to change my name again)

Allwillbewell Wed 28-Jan-09 19:04:12

Really hope it all goes well tonight and that you report back to let us know what it was like. How was DH about it?

Lovemyshoes Wed 28-Jan-09 22:09:08

Everyone was lovely, really friendly etc and apparently I have good meditation technique.

I will be going again.

DH didn't speak to me before I went and said he was annoyed that I was going, and has been quiet since I came in, but has given me a kiss and cuddle and cup of tea, so he MIGHT be coming round to the idea

Allwillbewell Thu 29-Jan-09 07:10:03

So pleased your evening went well.

Hope your DH eventually thaws out. (It's not as if you're joining the Moonies is it?!)

I want to go to a one day meditation course and a one day buddhism course unfortunately my DH has reacted similarly by refusing to babysit. !!

Lovemyshoes Thu 29-Jan-09 08:53:52

He is coming round to the idea more and has actually asked a couple of questions.

I'm not going to talk about it all the time though and risk really turning him against it. I don't expect him to EVER to come with me, but some support on something I am doing for myself would be nice.

peanutbrittle Thu 29-Jan-09 13:50:15

hey lovemyshoes - I am going to my first one tonight and am similarly anxious about it all - apparantly there will be about 10 people there, 3 are teachers, they are all practising buddhists as far as I know, and it's not a beginners class (that's on Monday which I can't make) - I spoke to a nice man on the phone though who said to come ancd that one of them will talk me through what to do...

they have a tea break - the thought of that is freaking me out - what will I say?!

glad to hear yours went well, and that your DH is thawing. Mine looked at me as though I am totally barmy when I told him earlier...

so, if you have time, could you tell me what happened so I kind of know what to expect....

will you go again?

Lovemyshoes Thu 29-Jan-09 20:54:36

Hi sorry, I missed your post.

Hope all went well, let me know.

Yes, I will be going again.

peanutbrittle Sun 01-Feb-09 22:07:52

thanks lms - yes, was lovely - unfortunately can only go next week as after that DH working the nights they meet sad

still - will go when I can

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