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Reiki. What is it and... does it work?

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Chandra Wed 23-Mar-05 15:38:29

I'm startingto consider I would benefit for one (according to what web sites say are for). However I have not yet found a single site that explain what is done during the consultation...what is it? and can you really see a diference?

Caribbeanqueen Wed 23-Mar-05 15:40:08

hi chandra, try this link


Chandra Wed 23-Mar-05 15:41:04

HAve you tried Reiki? what do you think of it?

Caribbeanqueen Wed 23-Mar-05 15:43:27

I have done the Reiki I and II attunements, but I don't practise it at the moment. I'm considering getting back into it though.

I find it very calming and relaxing and from experience, a lot of people go to sleep during a session. It can help with all kinds of problems, as the energy goes to wherever it is needed in the body.

There are a couple of threads on reiki on here somewhere - I remember one fairly recently. Let me know if you can't find them and I'll have a look.

Chandra Wed 23-Mar-05 15:52:44

I have found the february thread and saw that many have been attuned. What do you need for one? it seems like a benefitial thing to know being a mum... However, why am I asking this question when I don't even have experienced it? I may be skipping a step

noddyholder Wed 23-Mar-05 16:08:24

For me reiki has been the only 'alternative'treatment that I have found really works for me even at the hospital there were changes in my test results around the time I was having a lot of treatments and every time I had an intense burst of them I felt better this inspired me to do the reiki 1 myself and I am madly giving treatments to whoever wants one I then intend to do reiki 2 and will then start offering treatments from home It is really relaxing and does make you feel fantastic

DixiExpat Thu 24-Mar-05 20:04:42

I was initiated into Reiki by a student of Hawaya Takata,the niece of
Dr.Usui in the U.S.A My Reiki masters was one of the first 30 initiated.He was also
the founder of the Reiki Plus institute.I initially saw him for treatments as
a last resort to a physical problem.Though the treatments were pleasant
and seemed to help,Reiki is not healing in the final sense,Reiki is an ongoing
thing.Unfortunatly starting with Reiki I was led down a very negative path
involving the occult and even channeling at one point.
I deffo can say its not for everyone and it would be very foolish to go and get
attuned to something you know nothing about,if you are ineterested in Reiki,make
sure you ask any questions and raise any concerns beforehand.
I am a Christian now and denounced my attunement to the Reiki Ray.

Caribbeanqueen Thu 24-Mar-05 20:31:48

DixiExpat, Are you saying you don't find Christianity and Reiki compatible?

DixiExpat Thu 24-Mar-05 21:32:17

From my personal stance,no I do not feel that they are. When I was practicing Reiki I still considered myself a Christian,however I now feel from a lot of personal study of scripture that its not compatable.Honestly from a Biblical perspective the way I read it isn't. I am not saying I think people who choose to practice it are evil etc; just maybe misinformed if they think it can go hand in hand with Christianity, but in fairness, I am an Evangelical Christian categorically speaking.It isn't as if I am someone speaking against something I know nothing about, this is my personal opnion formed by my personal experience with at and my understanding of scripture.

SleepyJess Thu 24-Mar-05 23:57:02

I am a Christian who is Reiki attuned.. and who uses it on a daily basis. I don't find any incompatibilities personally but perhaps I am not your standard everyday Christian

Recent Reiki thread is here

SJ x

SleepyJess Fri 25-Mar-05 10:36:34

Meant to add last night.. when I was attuned, it was explained to me that Reiki can produce NOTHING but positive results.. it is impossible to use it with anything less than loving intentions, it just doesn't 'work' like that.. and if anyone tried, they would be visiting negatively back upon themselves, if any negative effect were possible at all.

I am most certainly NOT a Reiki master.. I have only completed Reiki 1.. but I use it effectively very frequently. My understanding of Reiki is that the person performing the Reiki (via laying hands on the person being treated), is merely channeling universal energy. The practitioner and usually the 'client' can actually feel this happening. At the very least, it is a very relaxing sensation. Another way of looking at is is 'channeling pure love'. This, in my mind, does not contravene any christian, or any other beleifs whatsoever.

I call myself a christian.. I was brought up as one and am an active member of a C of E anglican church congregation.. but I am have a problem with christianity when it refuses to take on board the fact that there might be (infact no doubt IS!) more to God (All That Is) than is quoted in the Bible, which is a document which is thousands of years old. It is full of profound truths but was written for a society that is very different to ours of today. Much of it is symbolic and probably not meant to be taken literally.. and much of it has no doubt been changed to the point that the original meaning has been lost.

I have even read articles which compare what Jesus did to Reiki. I think that the healing that Jesus did was awful lot more powerful than Reiki.. but that Reiki is something 'Christ like' that all of us have the potential to use. Another example of all of being made in the image and likeness of God.

SJ x

DixiExpat Fri 25-Mar-05 11:31:24

I suppose I am quite conservative these days, its difficult for me to understand why someone who identifies themselves as Christian )btw speaking in general terms, not about anyone here because most already explain why they believe the way the do.)wants to change what isn't convenient about it for their lifestyle.Scrupture has 3 levels, literal,spiritual and prophetic. Obviously the Hebrew books are written in a poetic manner, but even still often crystal clear in its meanings and repetitiveness, but most Hebrew words have at least 2 literal translations.The Greek books are from a more "logical and straight forward" approach in speaking and thinking.The 1st century Christians were more like Messianic Jews in that they still kept the moeds.The other thing is that God is the same "yesterday, today and forever".Therefore, his word stands.I just think if someone says they are a Christian,the they should indeed be following the teachings of Christ which is what the term implies.He said you cannot serve two masters and that you shouldn't turn to the right or to the left. I am not preaching, simply elaborating on my opinion, I think if ppl know why I came to the opinion that I hold it may be more clear that I am not trying to be nasty or judgemental,just matter of fact about my stance.I think thats part of the beauty of these boards.The other issue that I have with Reiki practicioners is that they charge for their services, if they want to say its from the same source as Yeshua/Jesus,then why are they charging for it?Look at Simon the Sorcerer and his encounter with the Apostles when he tried to buy the Holy Spirit from them so he could heal ppl and make money...a big no no.Others argue they are charging for their time not the Therapy....right...Did Jesus do that? No.If its Love, is Love not free? I was deeply involved with Reiki for years,I know what it feels like to give it and recieve it but the Reiki master I had who certainly cannot speak for all of them, taught that many health problems are caused by karma from past lives and did regression therapy as well and transcendental meditation. If one is a Christian such as myself and takes the Bible literally (which obviously many ppl don't) it says man was appointed but once to be born and die and so on not here to bore anyone with just doesn't jive.I just think the healing is readily available through the Holy Spirit and you know the source instead of taking a chance on some nameless faceless energy source when you may not truly know what you are tapping into there are some "things" out there that only want a doorway and are very deceptive and beautiful.I pity anyone who freely beckons such a thing without knowing the possibilities...thats all.
I have some blood-curdling stories lol
I went into Reiki because I care deeply about ppl and their well being. I posted my personal opinion and alittle about my experience with Reiki because, again I care about ppl and their well being, I think many would do well just to get a massage
As I said before all I am saying is, anyone interested in getting Reiki treatments, don't be afraid to ask questions that way you can make sure it doesn't ultimitly conflict with your way of life or your religious preference...obviously some ppl very happily choose Reiki as a way of life and are very happy, to each their own right?

Snugs Fri 25-Mar-05 12:58:29

The Reiki Masters that I know do charge for their time yes, but anyone who cannot afford to pay is not turned away.

If someone does not have paid employment but instead dedicates their time to Reiki, please tell me how they are supposed to survive in todays society? Who will pay the rent, the bills, buy food?

My mum is a Reiki Master. She often doesn't charge at all or sometimes the client barters their own goods or services in exchange for a treatment instead of paying with hard currency. I see no problems with this.

And besides - churches can and do charge for services such as weddings. Is that also wrong then in your eyes?

SleepyJess Fri 25-Mar-05 13:03:45

DixiExpat I do understand what you're saying.. perhaps I'm 'wrong' and you're 'right' but my gut feeling is that there is nothing about Reiki that is negative at all. As I understand it, there IS only one 'source'.. and that source IS God/Universal energy/the holy spirit/the essense of All That Is. But I am not above doubt.. you obviously know much more about christianity and Reiki than I do.. so I am can't put my hand on my heart and say that your views do not give me something to mull over.. But everything I have been learning about in recent years (self-teaching via a wide variety of books on spiritual matters) impresses the importance of trusting your own gut feelings.. and that if you can learn to do this, you will rarely/never go wrong. And the whole general feeling I get from Reiki (giving and receiving it) is a very very positive, loving, calming feeling (hard to put into words)feeling when fits with everything I have ever felt about God.

Maybe I am losing my way with regard to Christianity.. but I don't feel out of place at church.. yet.. I just sometimes feel that the services/teachings are only scratching the surface some of the time.. that they are stuck in a rut..and I have completely lost the belief (which I was brought up to feel) that God requires so much of us.. that we confess our sins.. that we worship him (which is fine by choice and to celebrate.. but not as a requirement.. or a way into Heaven)..or that we NEED to get on our knees and say the Lord's prayer on a nightly basis.. these seem like human ideas to me.. not what God 'wants'. Or perhaps I have just overdosed on Neale Donald Walsh?! (Am interested in your opinion on this.. have you done the NDW thing.. ie read Conversations With God etc? Nothing has EVER made as much sense to me. These books seemed to go a long way towards answering the questions I had been carrying around with me since childhood.)

One other thing.. re charging for Reiki.. I agree with you totally... nobody should be getting rich ob it... except to say that if someone is spending all say every day teaching/practisicing Reiki and the like, then I guess they need to charge something.. in order to be able to do it every day. I mean, this is 2005..we can't live like Jesus in order to do what we feel God wants us to do.. we have bills to pay etc.! (I mean this respectfully btw.. not being argumentative.) The lady who Reiki-attuned my friend and I did so at half the price we were orginally quoted as we had had to cancel our first appointment due to financial stresses. She said she would never not attune somebody due to their inability to pay.. but she charges in general in order to continue doing what she does..and support her family etc.. which seemed fair enough to me.

Look forward to your comments.. you are giving me food for thought.

SJ x

Papillon Sat 26-Mar-05 06:23:53

I want to hear the blood curdling stories

DixiExpat Sat 26-Mar-05 13:25:48

Thanks for your posts =)
yes I understand what you were saying about church and man made doctrines and I agree.
As Nathaniel Hawthorne said, the Bible is the basis and history of our religion, not the relationship itself. Most Reiki practicioners/masters I have know that didn't charge a fee for Reiki, made their living on writing books,including ones for their initiates essays etc;charging for natal charts done for new clients,many were very happy with bartering.Some were organic farmers.Many have weekend Reiki retreats for a fee that includes rooms and meals.That side of things,administration fees etc; I wholly understand. I am not at liberty to comment about what the churches do here regarding weddings etc; because I am clueless about it.In the U.S churches and pastors (at least the ones I attended or knew anything about) didn't charge for anything at all.Paying the pastor was voluntary and there was no set amount, most people pay a standard $50 complimetary to the pastor,thats about £25
As for tithes, that's a Biblical and giving beyond that is a personal choice.
As far as my view regarding church and man made doctrines, I think if ppl just rely on what is taught from the pulpit, its a very 1 dimensional view.Seems many pastors and Sunday school teacher's preach the same 15-20 stories over and over (The flood,David and Goliath,Elijah and Jezebel,Samson and Delilah,Tamar and Jericho,David,Daniel,The Crucifixtion,captivity to Babylon,Sodom and Gomorrah) you get the idea...but there are 66 books in the Bible there are accounts there relative to our lives even today.Often when my pastor is preaching, I begin to read the chapters around the scriptures he is referencing and get the deeper meaning. I used to be deeply involved with Ceremonial Magick and when I became a Christian spent a lot of time researching the Nephilim because I learned a lot about them in Ceremonial Magick...enter the blood curdling stories which I'll spare you.Its so much more interesting to research it on one's own and add that to the social aspect of church and the "moral of the story is..." aspect of sermons.
So...wasn't trying to point fingers or act like I am some wise old soul who knows better than everyone, just enjoy a good chat, even a debate once in awhile.
Yes, I do follow a religion that is thousands of years old and initially meant for Jews but lol,its the only way for me.

DixiExpat Sat 26-Mar-05 13:28:04

I should add for amusement's sake, I was 13 when I was initiated into Reiki.

SleepyJess Sat 26-Mar-05 14:49:47

Yes I have heard that children can give Reiki very successfully. Why amusement?

rosies Fri 15-Apr-05 18:52:54

may i offer this website - reiki for christians

i do charge to give reiki treatments because, yes, it is my time i am giving... as when i give any therapy treatment.

everyone charges for their time in any profession... its the way the world is.

SleepyJess Sat 16-Apr-05 20:46:35

Great site Rosies.. thanks! I am a christian.. but obviously not an orthodox one. I think that is because my beliefs seem to go beyond christianity.

How long have you been a reiki practioner? Are you a reiki Master?

SJ x

rosies Sat 16-Apr-05 23:46:05

i've been practising reiki for about 3 years and am attuned to master level, but thats still quite new for me.

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