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Santa Claus - what do you tell your children?

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designergirl Sat 13-Dec-08 13:58:05

I don't mind Santa Claus, but I've always told my kids that we don't really believe in him - that St Nicholas (Santa) was a good man who gave presents to people, but for us as Christians the real focus of Christmas is Jesus.Well actually previously I did just say we don't believe in him but now my eldest has just started reception in a C of E school and Santa may be coming in next week! I don't want to upset other people's children by having my dd say there is no santa!. I have other friends who say there is no Santa bcse they don't want to be sooner or later found to have lied to them.
My mum thinks I'm mad but for me Santa stands for all the materialism and excess that goes on around Christmas time, nothing to do with the birth of Jesus Christ.
Just wondered how other MNers deal with Santa and Christmas?
I like the Spanish idea. They believe the three wise men/kings bring presents to the children and they have processions of the three wise men in the streets. At least that is related to the Christmas story.

ElectraInExcelsis Sat 13-Dec-08 14:11:26

Well I don't agree with promoting Father Christmas, but despite my po-faced attitude about it dd2 who is in reception seems to have a fully developed belief in him which has in no way been endorsed by me! grin. But if she asks me if he is real I will say no.

Agree with you designergirl about the materialism.

Fivesetsofschoolfees Sat 13-Dec-08 16:14:49

We ignore Santa pretty much. We don't really go for the 'you've got to be good' mentality. We much prefer the Christian message of unconditional love.

I think it must be really bad for kids who are very good and get only a few presents, and they see other kids getting huge amounts.

I'm sure the real St Nicholas was a good man that we can learn a lot from, and would probably be turning in his proverbial grave now.

horseymum Thu 18-Dec-08 14:13:18

I am the same, ds (3)gets very scared of clowns etc or anyone else dressed up and was petrified of santa at minigym party last year, and never really wanted to go back to minigyms! We are Christians and have told him santa is not real , just someone dressed up and that we are celebrating Jesus' birthday and Mum and Dad will be giving him presents. If i thought he liked santa I would be vague and non-commital without directly lying but because he is upset by it all i make it very clear it is only someone dressed up and he will not be coming to our houise- the idea of which really scares him! I try to say gently that other children like to believe in him so he doesn't go round spoiling it for others but to be honest i don't think a 3 year old is going to believe another 3 year old who says santa is not real if his parents have spent all year building it up so am not too worried! we have other friends at church who mostly go for the vague approach but not out and out lying and some more hard core like us who just tell it right out!

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