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Explaining Easter to a 3.5 year old

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Azure Wed 16-Mar-05 14:43:57

I would like to talk about the Christian meaning of Easter to DS. I've got as far as saying it's when Jesus died, but am struggling for the best way to answer all those why? questions. I don't want to talk about gory details at this stage. Does anyone have any suggestions?

donnie Wed 16-Mar-05 14:52:58

I am having this exact same dilemma myself Azure. DD is 3.5months and really likes her Bible stories, Sunday school etc. She has been asking questions about why the men put Jesus on the cross and what is means but I don't really know how to best explain it. She doesn't understand the concept of death yet so resurrection will be a bit beyond her too ! There are some very nice childrens' Easter books around which explain more difficult aspects of the crucifixion in a simple way without gore and suffering - the Usborne books are good and so are the Dorling Kindersley ones.If you get any other tips let me know!

lilibet Wed 16-Mar-05 18:06:49

Have a look at this

It's called Why Easter (they do why Christmas as well!)


ionesmum Wed 16-Mar-05 20:59:26

Very topical for me as I am having to write a piece for our pram service on this very subject, and it's not easy!

You may or may not like to talk about any of these ideas:

Jesus was killed because he made the people in authority scared. They didn't understand that he loved them.

Jesus died so that when we die we can be with him in Heaven.

Jesus did this because he loves us all so much.

Jesus died so that whatever bad things we do, we know that we can say sorry to God and everything will be okay.

Jesus isn't dead any more. He rose on Easter Sunday and lived on Earth for another forty days, then went to join God in heaven.

Jesus is still alive and in heaven. So we can talk to him when we need to and he will listen and help us.


Azure Thu 17-Mar-05 14:05:52

Many thanks for your ideas.

milliways Fri 18-Mar-05 21:47:22

These are excerpts from "The Beginners Bible" - fantastic edition, brilliant cartoon type pictures.
..... Jesus said "I will not be with you much longer. I have to leave. But do not worry. Do not be afraid. I will come back. You are my friends. Love each other as I love you"
..... You see, it was time for Jesus to die. God had planned it long ago. Jesus knew it would happen when he came to earth. He came to take the punishment for all the wrong things people had done and even would do. And now it was time. The soldiers took him to the leaders. The leaders did not believe he was God's son. They said "He must die because he calls himself the Son of God" So they killed him on a cross. It was a sad day for Jesus' friends. But they did not know that God had planned a wonderful suprise for them, and they would not be sad for long!

You really need to see the layout & pictures. I have used it for all major festivals and explaining all the 'classic' Bible stories. Published by Kingsway publications

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