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tarot card readings!!

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karen01 Sat 12-Mar-05 08:20:38

HI just wondered what people think of these.

My friend did my tarots(sp!!) last night using Alistar Crawleys Throth cards. We however didn't have the book of throth so she used another book.

The prognosis from this for me was not good. Basically it kept telling me that I was going to have numeroues affairs with in the shortterm and have a baby to another man (not DH) and from the way the cards were coming I am also going to become or experience a lesbian. What really freaked us oput was earlier on ewhilst doing a reading for our other friend she got the Death card to which the girl explained to her that it only means death if it appears with the tower. Low and behold my last two cards on my question cards were...... yes the death and the tower card. I am not really that freaked by it as I really don't know what to make of it, I have had readings done before and bits have happened, but how much of it do you make for yourself and how much is fate!!!.

Also whilst there the girl doing the reading seen a little blonde girl stood in the door way. The girl whose house we were at has a 4 year old little girl who is blonde but her identicle twin sister died in uetro. Could the little figure she seen have been her and whilst i didn't see her I kept seeing black shadows which I also see in my own house in the same place.!!!!

karenanne Sat 12-Mar-05 08:34:06

hi karen...try not to worry the tarot if used properly is perfectly fine.the problems come in the way the person doing the reading gives the reading and interpretations.i suggest your friend reads and learns more about the interpretations she is giving.anyone with a decent experience in the tarot will tell you the death card does not mean death in that means an end to a certain situation or doesnt mean your going to keel over.and ive never heard of it meaning death if its with the tower card.

in reality the tarot cannot come up with great detail about your life and future it is a guide ,it does not mean that what cards you pick will definatley happen.

life is down to what YOU make of it and yes alittle bit of fate.

perhaps in future it may be better to have your cards read by a professional or read up and learn about it yourself.people just 'mucking' about with th cards often do alot of damage,as i think (with respect) your friend has done.

there are alot of online explanations of the cards and i suggest if you can remember what cards you dealt to perhaps find a site and read their interpretations of your spread.

try not to worry to much about the little girl or shadows ,if it was the spirit of this little girl she would not mean any harm,but it may have have been coincidence.

i hope ive helped put your mind at rest abit.many people believe in the tarot and many dont ,what you believe is upto you but please if you do use it as i said before use it wisely ,use a professional and respect it.

karen01 Sat 12-Mar-05 11:21:23

Thanks for your response karenanne, I don't think my friend has done any damage to me as I understand that she is just learning how to read the cards effectivley and as I said it didn't freak me out as I really don't know what to make of it all.
I think I worded the post wrong I was just really interested in what other people think about tarot cards and just used last night as an example of my experience of it.

Thanks again for your response.

Amberlilli Sat 12-Mar-05 11:56:39

I agree with Karenanne, I only have a little bit of experience with the tarot, I studied them and 'dabbled' a bit doing readings for friends, but I'm certainly no expert. The cards are to be treated with respect and I believe they are a tool and a lot is dependant on the interpretation of the reader.
There can be many different interpretations written about the meaning of each card, how it is laid and in relation to different cards.
The death card I see as a positive card- it is new beginnings. I think the tower is misfortune but in a situation that we have no control over- act of god-say.
Kareanne is right see a recommended professional-but always take it with a pinch of salt.

smellymelly Sat 12-Mar-05 12:01:23

Karen - I used to have my cards done every 6 months or so years back. Not in the last 6 years though.
I was told many thing that came true, but of those that didn't, I believe because I knew, I was able to change things to happen the way I wanted. Hope that makes sense, basically I was empowered by having the knowledge of what may happen, and if I was unhappy with any of it then I was able to change it. So if you do not want to have affairs etc, then do not put yourself in that situation, by knowing this you can avoid them.

Agian, I do not know of the death card with the tower card meaning death, but I agree the death card usually means a big change in your life.

So long as you have no bad feelings when you see the shadows etc, then I wouldn't worry, but if it causes you any problems then maybe you could find a spiritualist to cleanse your house.

nightowl Sat 12-Mar-05 18:42:27

the first one i went to see told me that the cards are only a guide anyway and everyone has the power to change them. she also told me to watch my fertility. i admit i didnt take too much notice as i was due to have laser treatment after a dodgy smear and just thought thats what she was referring to. 8 months later i found out (and what a shock it was) that i was pg with dd!

oxocube Sat 12-Mar-05 18:48:14

I don't think tarot can be so specific as to say you will have a lesbian affair or become a lesbian!!! Couldn't it mean a close female friendship or powerful female influence? Don't take it too seriously. IMO, its like astrology: I am very interested in it and have read lots of books on the subject but refuse to let it define me IYSWIM. I also think that stuff like tarot and palmistry is only as good as the reader - if you have little experience of it, you can make it mean anything.

megandsoph Sat 12-Mar-05 19:06:27

karen01.... hiya hun the death card means change, the end of something and the begining of something new... if you learn to do cards u don't really have to learn from the book as the cards have differnt meanings for every reader were taught to use our intuition when we are first learning the cards meanings and I imperticualar wrote down what I felt from all the cards individually..

Don't be worried hun

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