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Spiritualist Church

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dillinger Tue 28-Oct-08 20:13:24

I know of a Spiritualist Church near me, and Im trying to get the confidence to attend. Its something that Ive been interested in for years but only now has it really come to surface to do something about it!

Im an anxious person and so Im a little worried about when I actually go. My partner said that it'll probably be one of the most supportive, friendly places I could attend and I think he's right, however that doesnt stop me worrying blush

Could anyone explain a little of what I could expect? Even little things are playing on my mind, like will the 'main' door be open and I just walk in? Will there be a collection? How much is a respectable amount to give?

Sorry for silly questions but hope someone can help!

mummyloveslucy Tue 28-Oct-08 21:07:48

Hi, at our church you pay £2 to attend. The door is open and there is a friendly lady sat at the enterance who'll let you know how much it is.
It's all very relaxed, nothing to worry about. It's not like a strict christien church. You will probubly sing a few songs and hear a piece of philosophy, then the medium will give messages to people amoung the congrigation.
After, you'll be envited to stay for tea and buiscits or you can leave if you wish.
We don't go very often but when we do, it's always a lovely experience. Even if you don't get a message, it's lovely and encouraging to hear other peoples.
Don't be put off if the medium isn't that good. Some are better than others, from going quite often you'll soon realise. We tend to go when we know there's a good one on.
If you decide to go, I hope you enjoy it. I bet you'll wonder what you were so worried about. None of it is in any way scary, it's all about loving and healing. smile

mummyloveslucy Tue 28-Oct-08 21:18:40

If you're still worried, why not go with a friend for the first time or your partner?

Oh and a really important thing you must do is switch off your mobile phone. wink

dillinger Tue 28-Oct-08 21:25:28

Thankyou for your reply, it sounds very nice. Unfortunately I dont have any friends I could go with and my partner will be looking after the children so it'll just be me, but in the long run thatll prob do me good!

Thanks, I should give it a go shouldnt I!

mummyloveslucy Tue 28-Oct-08 21:40:13

Definatly. I used to be very anxious about everything too. I know how you feel, I was badly bullied at school and had no confidence what so ever. I wouldn't even sit on the pull down seats on the bus, in case it broke and I fell on the floor in front of everyone. I wouldn't go to a resteraunt or eat anything in front of anyone either. When I look back, I can smile about it but at the time it dominated my life. I used to go to the spiritulist church when I was younger too and it helped me I'm sure. I never felt judged or uneasy, I even ate my buiscuits at the end with everyone else. smile

mummyloveslucy Tue 28-Oct-08 21:54:32

If you live in Torbay, I'd go with you. smile

I want someone else to answer you, so you can hear from more people what it's like and don't have to just take my word for it.

I'm going to bed now anyway, so good luck and good night. smile (just found out how to do the hat one)

mumnosbest Tue 28-Oct-08 21:56:45

I felt exactly the same when I first went. Haven't been for a while but used to go every couple of weeks. Our doors are open and there's usually a lady giving hym books out. We usually start with a couple of hyms (nothing heavy, never been to church before this one) then the visiting medium is introduced. They tend to identify who they need to talk to and pass on messages from loved ones. I've had a few but my heart still goes whenever they come to me. Not because of who they are communicating with but I get embarassed in front of a group (living or not). It's a lovely experience and well worth the initial nerves. Where abouts are you, maybe someone on here could come with you?

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